Hot Out

So, we’ve been moving for the past week. And, of course Mother Nature has decided to grace us with wonderfully hot hot weather. Today it was 98 degrees. It’s 9pm and it’s still 90 degrees out. 

Yeah holy hotness. Let’s just say packing up all of the small stuff in a house and then moving it across town to your new house is a pain as it is. However, when it feels like the surface of the sun it’s even more miserable. 

And, oh joy tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. Shot me now. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the last day of moving stuff, which means Wednesday we can schedule the Good Will pick up and clean the house so that it’s all ready for whoever rents it. So, if Wednesday is hot at least it won’t be a moving stuff type of day it’ll just be a scrubbing kind of day. 

Moving is definitely a workout and we’ll add in the heat and I’ve probably sweat off 10 pounds easily. Can’t wait for this to be done.