Yesterday I reintroduced cheese. It was not so successful 😁. Which, makes me a bit mad as I love cheese, but after eating a total of 2 ounces throughout the day my stomach felt pretty crummy. About a half hour after eating an ounce as I had an ounce at lunch and an ounce with dinner, my stomach started feeling like garbage. I had some pains and just plain discomfort.

I will be reintroducing dairy in Tuesday and see if I have the same type of reaction or something different. I have a feeling I may be a bit lactose intolerant and I’ll definitely know after Tuesday. 

I plan on trying goat cheese after I finish reintroduction of all of the other foods I had originally planned on and see how I feel with that. 

I know it’s not a completely horrible thing that I can’t really tolerate cheese as its really not all that great for me to eat anyway. On occasion is fine, but I can sit down and eat a lot of cheese without much thought to it. Which is very very bad. 

I’m really happy with myself and the way I’m doing this reintroduction because I am definitely learning things about my body and what it does and doesn’t like. And, as much as I love cheese I really didn’t care for how my stomach felt at all. So really it wasn’t worth it. And, like I said I’ll try some other forms of cheese and see how I do with that. It may be just a cows milk issue. 

Happy Sunday.