Get It Done

Tomorrow is clean, scrub, and organize this house day. It’s gotten a bit unruly here, what with all of the Christmas presents and boxes all over the place. 

Let’s just say I’m glad I have to recycling garbage cans and this week is recycling week. I have a ton of cardboard that will be going out to the curb on trash day. 

Along with the boxes that need to be broken down, I have laundry baskets full of clothes that need to be folded and put away. 

Breaking down boxes and folding laundry will be happening tomorrow along with a lot of sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. I think the steam mop will be coming out as well. We need to do some serious cleaning here. My dogs have helped with the messiness of this house and the rain that we’ve gotten the last 2 days has done a number on my floors. Lots of muddy doggie paw prints everywhere. 

Yeah cleaning will definitely make me break a sweat tomorrow. 

But, I will have a nice clean sparkly house. 

Chores Done

This week I’ve been working and so the household chores kind of fell by the wayside not to mention all of the errands that needed to be done. 

So today was catch up day. I dropped off a car load of items to GoodWill. Did the grocery shopping. Whooooo I have fresh fruit and veggies for another week. 

After that I came home started laundry, cleaned bathrooms, the kitchen, and then did the painstaking chore of cleaning up dog hair. It never ends in this house. I would have to sweep all day every day to keep up with it. It’s the end of July I don’t understand how they can be possibly shedding this much still. I mean I clean up enough hair every day to make a new dog. Seriously, the shedding can stop anytime. Next dog will be a non-shedding one. 

Of course the dog hair free floors was short lived. As in as soon as they came in I was cleaning up more dog hair. Oh well guess I’m getting some arm work in with all of the sweeping/dust mopping/vacuuming I am doing. 

Now I’m going to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day outside playing ball with those shedding beasts of mine and enjoying the sunshine. 

I Think It Was. A Workout

Sunday, the day of rest. Well when it comes to my fitness class schedule anyway.
However, I cleaned the house like a maniac, and I think I got just as much as a workout doing that as I do in my classes.
Of course I don’t know why I bother cleaning. My husband is home for 2 minutes and there is a mess. In near ready to lock him out of the house.
Then of course he has to start playing with the boat which means the dogs get all wet and come in making a wet doggy muddy footprint mess all over my clean floors. Grrrrr!
Anyone want a husband? He’s really good at fixing things, but also really good at making a mess. So, if you have a housekeeper or a maid you’ll be all set. Or of course if you’re looking for more ways to be active he’s a great option. Trust me it’s a full time job following him around cleaning up after him.
Hmmmm no takers. Guess I’ll keep him. I mean I really do love him.