Day 29

29 days down. It’s crazy.
Now that the husband home breakfast consisted of making 2 different breakfasts. Bacon and eggs for the husband, and 3-ingredient pancakes for me.
We spent the morning out doing some errands and running around. We came home for some lunch, which again 2 different meals. A turkey and cheese sandwich on gluten-free bread for the hubby. He tries to be for the most part Paleo when he eats but can have gluten containing food. However, there is no gluten bread in this house since one he’s been gone for 2 months, two he doesn’t eat enough bread to warrant buying a loaf, and three I have tons of gluten-free bread in the freezer since I can not eat gluten at all. My lunch was a salad with pineapple, grilled chicken, and BBQ sauce. Yeah, may seem like a weird combination but it was so good. I kind of got the idea from California Pizza Kitchen and one of their pizzas. They have a pizza with chicken, pineapple, red onions, and BBQ sauce on it and I loved it. Or at least they did at one time not sure if they still do or not. But anyway, the combination was great. And it was super tasty.
Dinner again was supposed to be 2 different meals. I’m making meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes, and baked apples. However, I’m making turkey meatloaf for myself and a beef meatloaf for the husband. Ughhhhh I may get tired of having him home sooner than I thought with all of these double meals I am having to make. He won’t eat turkey meatloaf although, he probably wouldn’t know the difference if nothing was said about it. Okay, he would but he’d have no choice but to eat it or starve. It’s a good thing I love him. It really doesn’t take that long to whip up 2 separate meatloafs so whatever. But, my dear man you will be eating turkey and chicken a lot because not every meal I make will be 2 different things. Because, well that will just get exhausting and way too time consuming.
However, with life especially when your husband has been overseas for 2 months friends want to see the man. So, the meatloafs are all ready to be cooked they are just chilling in the fridge. As we are heading out to meet friends for dinner. I’ll make the meatloafs once we get home and the husband can have it for lunch tomorrow and it will be my dinner tomorrow since the husband will be going to see some WWE tomorrow night with friends. Definitely going to need to be a bit flexible the next week with the menu. Luckily only tomorrow left of Whole 30 and then I won’t need to be as strict, or should I say as cautious and attentive to how every thing is cooked and prepared.
I definitely want to continue to eat as little processed food and crap as possible. Will I be completely Paleo, no because there will be times when I want Mexican food or pizza or FroYo. However, after this experience I definitely know I will stick to the 80/20 way of eating. And, it won’t be that difficult after this.
Anyway, hope your enjoying your enjoying your Monday.

A Twist On Mac And Cheese

My. Bountiful Basket was quite bountiful giving me both a spaghetti squash and broccoli, which I love, along with many other tasty veggies and fruits this past week. With being gone over the weekend I found myself needing to cook the spaghetti squash and broccoli quick like before they went bad.

I decided to look on Pinterest a favorite site of mine to see what I could find that would incorporate both, and boy am I glad I did. I found a recipe for spaghetti squash Mac and Cheese, where the spaghetti squash is the Mac, of the Mac and Cheese. The recipe also called for broccoli to be mixed in with the squash, which when I make Mac and Cheese I always add broccoli to it. This recipe sounded perfect.

I made the recipe tonight, and guess what it was perfect. The spaghetti squash, broccoli, and cheese sauce all together was delicious. I have leftovers to go with tomorrow night’s dinner and I’m already dreaming about it. It was delicious.

I used to always have spaghetti squash with a little butter and parmesan cheese, but I’m so glad I’m finding new recipes to try with it. I will definitely be trying this one again. It’s low in carbs and the calories are a lot lower than your regular run of the mill Mac and Cheese, I of course won’t be giving up on real Mac and Cheese, it’s a favorite of mine, but I will be enjoying this dish from time to time.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can find the recipe here. 

If you try it let me know what you think of it.