Weekly Recap Week 2

Another week has come to end.  With this end, comes a recap of the past weeks events.

First I had a personal achievement of walking over 10,000 steps in one day, which I am totally stoked about.  I did all of my scheduled workouts, and even added in a few more.

  • Lost 3.2 pounds this week
  • Walked 46,100 steps
  • 6,014 steps was the daily average
  • 18,186 calories burned
  • 2,631 calories burned was the daily average.
  • 7,824 calorie deficit this week
  • 20 miles walked
  • 2.6 miles walked was the daily average
  • 1 hour 57 minutes of highly active activity this week
  • 15 minutes was the daily average for highly active activity
  • Total weight loss 7.4 pounds.

This week has been another success for me.  Not only from the loss that showed up on the scale this morning, but also because of all I’ve accomplished.  I clocked in 10,000+ steps in one day, have successfully ran for 3 consecutive minutes with my run training, and haven’t felt like I’m going to die from lack of oxygen, have improved in my yoga work, and have continued to make health food choices.

I definitely feel that I have more energy after working out, some days I have to make myself workout, but it is definitely worth it, after I am done.  Actually about 10 minutes into it, I no longer am dreading it.  I like the changes that I have begun to make in my life, and can’t wait to see what else will come my way.