This App Is Rockin’

A few weeks ago I had ran across an article listing some pretty cool and fun fitness apps. There were tons ranging from meditation, to friendly competitions, to pretend expeditions, and music apps to help you along with your fitness goals.

I picked through the list of apps and tried a few out, some I’ve yet to get to, but I will. Today, I decided I’d try out the FitRadio app. ┬áLet me tell you, it’s ROCKIN’ hence the title of today’s blog. The app has all different genres of music to choose from so you’ll be able to find something you love. Along with this is each playlist that is created is set to a specific beats per minute count. You can also pick playlist based on the type of workout you want to complete.

I turned on FitRadio and danced my way to 10,000 steps in just a little over a half hour. What! Yeah I was shaken’ what my Mamma gave me. I had a lot of fun, worked up a sweat and got a ton of steps in.

If you’re looking for some music to get your booty moving and to set a good pace check this app out. It’s available for the iPhone I’m not sure about Android, but give it a look. There is a free version and a premium version, I am sticking to the free version I can handle a few advertisements as opposed to $2.99 a month or $24.99 for the year. Cell service here is spotty at best so I need to be where I have wifi to use the app effectively so it’s not worth the premium rate right now. Once I move back to civilization I may reconsider.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think of the app if you choose to check it out or already use it.