Playing Fetch Counts…Right?

I spent the day running errands and taking care of stuff. 

As for being active, well yeah that wasn’t really happening. 

Well does playing fetch with the dogs count? I mean I do have to wrestle the ball out of their mouths so that it can be thrown again. 

Ughhhhh!!!! I need to find the motivation to be active. 

I’m thinking about going to a local brewery on Sunday that is doing a yoga and brews class. I’ve gone before and really enjoyed it. And, well I’ve been missing yoga I need to start going balc to my daily classes. 

Tomorrow is another day of errands and work related stuff. I’m hoping that after this week I’ll be on a more defined schedule and will be able to get things done. 

Got to make the time for me and just do it. 

These Guys

So these 2 guys got us a visit from animal control tonight. Apparently, one of our neighbors doesn’t like hearing a dog bark, and called animal control. Uhmmm we aren’t the only ones with dogs, yes my dogs bark, but that’s what dogs do, you could of talked to us about it if it was that much of a bother to you, and oh yeah it wasn’t even quite hours. 

We were told they were good and it’s not a problem so we shall see. I may be going to pay a visit to the neighbor to find out what exactly the problem is.  

We’ll keep the little trouble makers anyway regardless if we get reported for barking dogs. 

Chores Done

This week I’ve been working and so the household chores kind of fell by the wayside not to mention all of the errands that needed to be done. 

So today was catch up day. I dropped off a car load of items to GoodWill. Did the grocery shopping. Whooooo I have fresh fruit and veggies for another week. 

After that I came home started laundry, cleaned bathrooms, the kitchen, and then did the painstaking chore of cleaning up dog hair. It never ends in this house. I would have to sweep all day every day to keep up with it. It’s the end of July I don’t understand how they can be possibly shedding this much still. I mean I clean up enough hair every day to make a new dog. Seriously, the shedding can stop anytime. Next dog will be a non-shedding one. 

Of course the dog hair free floors was short lived. As in as soon as they came in I was cleaning up more dog hair. Oh well guess I’m getting some arm work in with all of the sweeping/dust mopping/vacuuming I am doing. 

Now I’m going to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day outside playing ball with those shedding beasts of mine and enjoying the sunshine. 

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Hope you’re spending time with family, friends, and loved ones.
I’m enjoying a cup of tea with some sweet potato puffs, curled up on the couch watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story, while the dogs decide what to do with their bones Santa brought.


It’ll be a nice quite day here, with eating leftovers and calling friends and family to wish them all a Merry Christmas.
Enjoy your holiday.

In Today’s Episode Of Exercise Adventures

I tried out my new SKORA’s LOVE THEM! I think I like them better than the Phase’s I originally purchased.
Moving on enough about the awesomeness that is SKORA. I did my Focus T25 workout and then decided to break in the new shoes. I loaded the dogs into the car and headed off to the dog park. They run I run we are all happy.
Or, so we’d think. Uhmmm, yeah that was until Heidi was lagging behind and I called her. She came running right away with something in her mouth. Now, it wasn’t a snake, if it had been I wouldn’t be writing this post because I’d be dead. Cardiac arrest in full force.
However, it was nearly as bad. She came running with a dead squirrel in her mouth. Ughhhh! Gross! I yelled DROP IT NOW! Which she promptly did and took off in front of me afraid I was going to kill her. Yuck, really dog. Of course she dropped it right on the edge of the path, and well this girl was definitely not touching that thing even with a stick. So yeah we only did one lap today I was not going near the dead squirrel again and risking either one of then touching it.
Ah it’s always an adventure at the dog park. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s trip will be uneventful.

I Wore Them Out

The dogs and I went to the dog park today. I needed to get some exercise in and they needed to expend some energy.

I think I succeeded in wearing them out. 2.5 mile walk for me probably closer to 4 for them with all the running after other dogs they did. And, they played in the river for a good 20 minutes.
Hmmmm maybe I’ve found the answer to getting sleep at night.

Now That Was A Walk

Today the husband and I set out to do a large portion of the River Walk here in town.
We headed out this morning and did nearly the whole thing. Only problem with this is it is not a loop, which means you need to go back the way you came.
We started at one end and walked all but the last 1.75 miles of the trail. We had a time issue, one and where we needed to get back to the car so that we could pick up the dogs, and well I knew I’d be spent. The walk ended up being just over 12.5 miles. It was a great day for it. The weather was perfect not too hot and the sun was beating down at ungodly force.
We’ve already started talking about doing one of the other parts of the trail. Maybe early next week.
I love having the paths here to walk. Nice relaxing and surrounded by nature. Of course I say this now, but the first time I run into a snake on the path, I’ll be screaming a different tune about nature. Yeah I HATE snakes.
Happy Friday! Tomorrow we are thinking about taking the dogs to the dog park to do some running, swimming, and just general using up some energy.

River Walk

Once again the weather has been wonderful here in Wyoming of course we are looking at frozen mix this weekend. So, needless to say we are taking full advantage of the weather.
Today we took the dogs to the river walk. It’s a trail that goes along the river, and it’s nice that we don’t have to cross streets and worry about any traffic. We just have to load the dogs in the car to take them there.
And, today these 2 crazy canines of ours got a workout we did 5.14 miles. The poor things are exhausted. But, hey maybe that means they will let us sleep tonight instead of waking us up and wanting to play at 2:30 in the morning.
We broke the walk up a little bit since the trail is not a loop. We did one direction came back to the car gave the dogs and ourselves some water and also let the dogs play in the river for a bit. We then headed in the opposite direction for another mile after in which we turned around and headed back to the car. They both pretty much collapsed. Although, they were super happy with life when we stopped at Hamburger Stand to get drinks at the drive thru and the guy gave them each a whole hotdog. Usually, they get one to share, but today they each got a whole one. They lasted for about 0.02 seconds before they were completely devoured.
It was a great 90 minutes spent with the husband enjoying each others company, getting some exercise in, and occupying the dogs.
Tomorrow we are heading for the Black Hills of South Dakota, without the dogs, they are going to go play at their favorite place on Earth, also known as doggie day care. Plus I think they need a break from walking, I think today’s trip wore them out.
Happy Monday!

Walking My Dogs Is A Full Body Workout

This afternoon the weather here in Wyoming had improved greatly from this morning’s snow and cold temperatures. It is now sunny and in the 40’s. The husband and I decided we would try to take our dogs for a walk. Now, walking our dogs is a full on workout. They are horrible on a leash. It is completely our fault as we never really worked with them on a leash because they have always been able to pretty much run free.

Anyway, they pull, yank, stop short, and have to sniff everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. So a walk that could take 10 minutes takes hours. Oh not to mention the upper body workout I get with the dogs fighting them to stay on the sidewalk and not dragging me into people’s yards or better yet oncoming traffic.

We did about a mile with them and decided that was enough.  The husband will be home for a few weeks before he heads off to work for 3 months so I’m hoping that the weather will cooperate and be nice enough for afternoon or evening walks in which we can take the dogs. The only way they will get better is if we continue to take them out. Plus it’s a good workout for me.