Who’s The Real Jackass Here?

My high school that I graduated from is in a controversial uproar. And, it’s all over a bunch of jackasses. Literally, jackasses. 

For as long as I can remember there was always a Donkey Basketball Game. A game in which team members had to ride a donkey while playing basketball. And, well it was always good for a lot of fun and laughs. As most know donkeys can be quite stubborn. There was a whole lot of donkeys not moving, or moving but not where you wanted them to go, and a whole lot of falling off said donkeys as they’d lower their heads and you’d go flying over the front of the donkey. 

The game was always used as a fundraiser for a class. Usually the senior class as they were having one last push to raise the last of the money needed for their spring break trip. Seniors competed against the juniors and vied to be called the champ of Donkey BBall. 

The school hasn’t had Donkey Basketball in a while, but this year it’s being brought back. I for one say Whoooo! I may have to make a trip home just to take in the game and support the National Honor Society. 

However, their are people in an uproar over it. Stating that it’s abusive to the donkeys. I’m not sure how they are coming to that conclusion. My question is have you ever seen a game before? The donkeys aren’t hit or treated wrongly. A donkey much like a horse needs a job to do and have attention paid to it, which happens here. 

I remember before we were even allowed near the donkeys we went over a whole list of things that we were allowed and not allowed to do to the donkeys. Along with this was a clear warning that if you did something inappropriate you’d be done. 

The only ones hurt during the game were the humans. There were bruises abound on pretty much every rider. 

PETA is all over this. I however, want to know how this group can call themselves PETA when they have been found to be treating animals in anything of an ethical manner. The group was just found to be exterminating animals at ridiculous rates. And, let’s not forget about the recent PETA incident, in which PETA removed a family pet from their yard and then killed it. Uhmmmm wait please PETA people tell me how that is ethical. You scream about people riding a donkey which is actually what they’ve been used for they are a type of mule, yet it’s okay to take someone’s pet and kill it. Uhmmmm I’m thinking not so much. Or let’s just look at the amount of killing PETA does of animals. I think they need to reevaluate their ideas. 

And, as for the Donkey Basketball Game I say support the kids and go enjoy yourself because I’m sure the donkeys are secretly laughing at the real jackasses of the show anyway.