Electric Stim I Love You

I go to the chiropractor I am a firm believer in getting adjusted.  Well the last couple of days my lower back has been all sorts of messed up.  The worse part of the entire thing is I did nothing to cause it to be this way.  Tuesday, I saw the magic back man, and actually I walked out feeling worse than when I had went in, so I knew I was in for some major work needing to be done.  I visited the man again, and today we went with some electric stimulation and heat before the adjustments started.  Now, I was an athletic training major in college I know all about E-stim, and love it, not to mention the multiple injuries I’ve sustained over the years that warranted some E-stim treatment as well.  I had my treatment and the cracking and shifting of my bones, and did feel considerably better.  But, here we are 12 hours later and I am kind of wishing I had my own E-Stim machine because I’d be hooked up to that thing.  I have another appointment tomorrow to hopefully get this thing under control and everything back into place.

The only time I feel pretty good is when I am moving or exercising, so guess what I’ve been doing a lot of moving and exercising.  Sitting still intensifies the pain, so I’m okay with that.  The more moving I do the better for me anyway right.

Anyway, I’m hoping this starts getting better soon, because I don’t really like the feeling.