Sunshine Please

Is anyone else feeling the effects of Mr Old Man Winter?  I thought I was doing pretty well, but today it hit me pretty hard.  It’s been cold and dreary here all day, no sunshine whatsoever, I mean as in none it was pretty much dark all day here.  Add this to the fact that I’m still not feeling well, and it results in a pretty lazy day.

I laid around pretty much all day today, and I had a list of things that needed to be done, but there was no motivation whatsoever to do said things on the list. At 3 o’clock I finally made myself get up and moving. I have a daily step goal of 10,000 steps and I wasn’t even to 1,000 yet.  Not a good sign at all. So, I got myself up and moving and worked out. I did my cross training workout, followed up with aerobics, and ending with a nice yoga session. I of course felt much better after getting my butt in gear and working out. I mean within the first 5 minutes of starting I was happy I was doing it, but that initial push to start hung me up big time today. I just wasn’t feeling it.

Staying in bed under my nice warm covers seemed like a great thing to do today, and I did spend a large portion of the day that way, but I know that is no way to live. I however, have no desire to leave my house and do anything when it’s freezing, snowing, and dark out. I’m definitely missing the sunshine, and I’m hoping it returns soon, because I don’t want to be a slug, and this weather brings that out in me that’s for sure.

Any tips for getting past the winter slug feeling?