Challenges Are Motivation

The weather here has been anything but motivating me to exercise and be active. Luckily I’ve found and thanks to getting challenged by people daily I’ve been getting active. Of course it’s usually about 8pm or so when I go I got to get my butt moving to at least complete the challenge let alone win it.
Plus, these challenges that are a month long have made me raise my daily step goal by 5,000 steps so now I’m walking 15,000 steps a day instead of the 10,000 that I was kind of just hanging out at. Along with month long challenges I keep getting challenged to daily and weekly challenges. This week I have to walk at a minimum 16,289.5 steps in order to complete the challenge. Which I’m happy to report I am doing. Only 3,000 steps away. Walmart laps here I come.
Tomorrow starts a new monthly challenge which is 15,000 steps so nothing to hard for me since I’m already doing that, but I also have a single day challenge of 25,000 steps. I say bring it on, and the weather may actually corporate and I’ll be able to get some stepping done outside.
And, finally tomorrow starts a Munzee challenge. And, well I’m currently the highest stepper in the group, so I’ll be stepping it up big time to stay there, and besides I want to win.
So thank you and all of you who keep challenging me, because you’re making me be accountable and also get off my butt.

Keeping At It

I joined when it was first starting, and it’s basically a motivational tool. Every week they give you a step goal, and every day they give you one as well. Along, with this you can join challenges.

I found a link to a challenge on one of the fitbit groups I belong to on Facebook and decided to join. It’s lose a size in April, well I definitely want to lose a size or more. I joined the challenge and the good people at decided that I needed to walk 447,000 steps this month. What! In 30 days! That’s crazy I thought. But, I’m not one to back down from a challenge, and after doing some quick math I learned that I’d have to take about 15,000 steps a day. Well okay, that’s 5,000 over my daily goal, but it can do it, and guess what I have been doing it. I’m rocking this thing. I’m 800 steps from 100,000 steps, and I will be getting those 800 steps today. And, that’s just in 6 days.

I am super excited that I decided to join this challenge because it’s been pushing me and keeping me active. I like it. I’m hoping next month there is another challenge for me to join. I need the challenge and motivation to keep me going.

If you haven’t checked out yet you should.

I’m BACK!!!!

I’ve been missing for about 6 weeks, but I am back.  And, planning on getting back on track.  I’ve been continuing to get in my daily steps, but have been slacking on the other exercising, and with the eating healthy.  I have been eating pretty crappy lately actually.  But, today I am back on track, and making the good choices again.

Today, I started Pound.  If you haven’t heard about Pound it’s a new workout that uses drumsticks and some pretty kick ass music.  Today was my first day of the 30 day plan they give you.  The focus was on lower body, and well let me tell you, even with doing the modifications my butt and legs are feeling it big time.  I really enjoyed it.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout, which focuses on upper body.  Along with the Pound workout I started the 30 day Yoga Challenge again.

Here’s a little intro to Pound:

And, if you are interested in doing a Yoga Challenge, this is the one I am doing:

You can find it on YouTube


Tomorrow, I’ll be doing my 5K training.  I am working hard on making running a daily thing, in my life.  I don’t really enjoy running, I don’t think I will ever be a lover of running.  And, I am pretty sure I will never be running a marathon, but a 5K fun run is something I am looking forward to doing.


Along with this I entered a challenge on Fitt.  If you haven’t checked out fit, do it.  There are challenges that you can join, or you can just accept the daily step challenge they present you with.  The challenge I joined is lose a dress size during the month of April.  And, well those crazy people at Fitt, have decided that I will have to do 447,000 steps in the month of April.  That is crazy.  So basically I will be doing 15,000 steps a day to reach the goal.  I can do it, it will just take some work.  Today, was the first day and I was an overachiever and met the 15,000 step goal and then some.

So here it is I am back on the wagon, and will be posting daily.

Hope everyone is well and keeping on their plan.