Eating On The Road

Today was spent in the car and then staying in a hotel which means no home cooking for this girl. 

I ate breakfast in the car. Not the best place to do such an activity but hey we do what we have too. I made up a couple of containers of nuts and seeds for this weekend knowing that I’d be traveling.  

Yes that is actually a baby formula stackable container. I used to put my protein powder in them when I was drinking those things. Worked great my nuts and seed mix as well. 

We stopped at Ruby Tuesday for lunch where I had the salad bar with some vinegar on my salad and then got a turkey burger with no bun and some grilled zucchini. I was a bit miffed at the husband as I told him to order me a club soda and when I sat down to take a sip I nearly spit it across the room. As he ordered a tonic water for me. Gross!!!! Too sweet and full of sugar. He tells me they are the same thing. Uhmmmm no not even close. Grrrrrr!!!! Listen for once in your life. 

Once we made it to Aanapolis and did some driving around we went to dinner at a brewery. There was nothing and I mean nothing I could eat. I ordered a Caesar salad without croutons, cheese, and dressing. So yeah I had a bowl of romaine lettuce with some grilled chicken on top.  


Looked good but it sucked. Oh and cost more than my husband’s dinner and appetizer. Awesome. 

I came back to the hotel and ate an RX Bar as I was still pretty hungry. 

We are tailgating before and after the Navy Football game tomorrow so I know there will be food I can eat as I’m bringing stuff I can eat. 

Go Navy!!!