I’ve Got A Problem, But I Like It

I’ve been a bit obsessed with getting my steps in. Last month I upped my daily goal to 15,000 thanks to a challenge I was taking part in.
Well this month I’ve upped it to 20,000. One because I’m in another competition where you actually won something and 2 well why not. Actually the last 2 days were a 35,000+ and a 31,000+ step day. Today I’ll be sticking closer to 20,000+. I’m a little tired. Actually not to bad, but definitely not ready to do another 5 mile walk tonight to be up at the 30,000 mark.
So see I’m a bit obsessed about getting these steps on, but hey I’m being a whole lot more active then I was even a few days ago. So, it might be a slight problem, basically an obsession because I can’t go to sleep until it’s all green, and you fitbit tees out there know what I’m talking about.
But, hey I’ve found a way to get in some more steps, and well that’s type my blog while I walk around my house, and depending on the length of the blog that can be some serious steps added to my daily total. I’ve found that I do very little sitting still anymore. Talking on the phone I’m doing laps around the house, waiting for water to boil I’m jogging in place, doing the dishes I’m dancing, and of course whenever I’m waiting in line I’m marching in place. Yup, I may look silly, but I’m being active.
How about you, do you do any crazy things to be more active?