Cize It Up

Today I threw in Cize by Shaun T. I did the Crazy 8’s workout. 

30 minutes of dancing fun. And well I’ll be honest my rhythm sucks and remembering how to Cha Cha Cha and all of that jazz, but I had fun and danced my tail off for 30 minutes. 

I enjoy doing Cize because yes you are working out definitely getting a good cardio workout in but it’s fun. I mean how can you not have fun listening to good beats and dancing around. 

And, seriously if you’re not getting the moves down its no big just keep moving. Plus, the way it’s taught it’s broken down really well and repeated over and over. You can get the concept and over time you’ll get better and better at it. I will probably never look like Shaun T and his dancers but hey I’m in my living room by myself so no one is watching me so it’s okay. Who cares if you look a fool when no one is watching. 

A little dancing fun and a whole lot of calorie burn. 

Yeah, I love looking at that. All from dancing. 

Bring on Friday I’m ready for you now. 

Fitbit I’m Back!!!

I just purchased the new Fitbit Blaze. I was a big fan of the Fitbit Flex for a long time, and have tried the Garmin Vivoactive, and most recently the Withings Pop Activé. 

When they announced the new Fitbit Blaze I fell in love it had the smart watch capabilities and multi-activity that I loved about the Garmin, but this also has the built in heart rate monitoring, which the Garmin doesn’t have. Although, I guess there is a new Garmin coming out with wrist heart rate monitoring, but I haven’t seen it yet. 

I just got the Blaze today it is currently charging so I’ve yet to test it out. I like that you have the ability to change the bands and even get leather or steel bands that will make it a bit more dressier. I’ve found that this is a big problem with fitness trackers they break up an outfit pretty easily. If I like the Blaze after giving it a test for a while I will definitely be picking up a higher end band to wear on days where I’m at work and running around. I’ll still be taking it off and putting on the nice watch when I’m going out, but it’ll be nice to have a nice looking band to go with my business attire. 

I can’t wait to put this Fitbit to the test and I’m pretty excited about it which will definitely help with my motivation factor to get out and move more. It’s all about getting up and moving. I really need to do that and I want to start run training and by run training I mean fat man jog training but it’s a start. 

Also I like the fact that they’ve incorporated FitStar into their device as well and so now there is no excuse not to workout wherever you are. I like FotStar a lot so I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this feature as well. 

I’ll let you all know in a few weeks what I think of the new Fitbit Blaze. But, I’m sure I’ll be addicted as anything again to the Fitbit and my steps as I once was before. 


Blaze is charging


Blaze band, I’ll be gettig a nicer one if I like it to wear to work.

Happy stepping. 


I’m a fitbit addict, as I’ve said many times before, I mean I have the shirt even. However, the fitbit is limited in what it can do. Basically it’s a pedometer with a web interface that gives you extra motivation by allowing for friends and leaderboards. Basically promoting some healthy competition. The fitbit tracks your steps and either through their app or website you can also add activity that you do, and it will roughly calculate the calorie burn for your time during the activity. It’s an estimation, there is no way for your fitbit to calculate your calorie burn, the only way to do this is with a heart rate monitor.

Now, here’s the thing with a heart rate monitor, I can’t wear a chest strap.  I sweat, and I have boobs, and well it just irritates the heck out of me. So with this it’s really difficult to get an accurate count of how many calories I’m burning.

I found a new device this past week, that I’ve been testing out. It’s the Lifetrak Core 200. Again it’s a wrist worn device that is basically a pedometer, with the added benefit of a heart rate monitor. Now this heart rate monitor that takes the reading from your wrist is not as accurate as a chest strap heart rate monitor, it’s definitely more accurate than the fitbit’s estimation of calories burned. The device counts your steps, distance, and calories burned along with taking your heart rate. Based on your heart rate it lets you know your calorie burn. Also, the device has a workout mode. This mode allows you to start it at the beginning of the workout and it will track all of your stats for your workout. You take your heart rate during the workout, and it will calculate your calorie burn. I really like this device, and if it had the community that the fitbit has, I would probably get rid of the fitbit. All of my information is right on my wrist at all times, no need to look to my phone for the stats.

The device I have is not Bluetooth enabled so it doesn’t sync with my phone or anything so I can only keep my stats for 7 days. But, that’s ok I have my fitbit to show my long-term achievements. There are other models that are Bluetooth enabled and works with the Argus app, and its own Lifetrak app. The Move 300 model and then the Zone 410, which in addition to the Bluetooth connectivity tracks your sleep. There is no need to put it in sleep mode it does it automatically which is kind of neat.

I went with the basic model because I have my fitbit, and since Lifetrak doesn’t work with the many rewards apps I use I didn’t need the extra features of Bluetooth and sleep tracking since my fitbit does both of these things. I’m hoping that in the future Achievement, EveryMove, EarnedIt, and Fleetly will all sync with the Lifetrak, and then I can be down to wearing one device on my wrist.

There is a new version coming out this fall the 415 which I’m really excited about it looks really neat, it’s a round face instead of the rectangle face that they currently are using. It tracks all of the same stuff as the 200, 300, and 410. The 415 will also sync with your phone delivering alerts to the tracker with texts, phone calls, and emails. I don’t really need that feature, but hey it’s still pretty cool. I really love the heart rate monitor on my wrist without the chest strap, and that all of the info is right on my wrist. Plus the device looks like a normal sports watch. Oh, and another plus, changeable bands, which I love since I change my fitbit bands daily.

You can check Lifetrak here.


So, after 4 days with the Lifetrak, I’m loving it, but still not giving up the fitbit yet. Although, it may happen in the future.


The weight loss/get healthier/more fit journey is a long one.  As in a lifetime type journey.  And, as anyone who has struggled with weight issues it’s often a bumpy and unforgiving one at that.  That’s part of the reason why I write this blog.  It’s just a few minutes of my day where I can write down my struggles, triumphs, or even just whine about how I am feeling.  It doesn’t matter if anyone actually reads it, or not.  I wrote it down and expressed whatever feelings I was having on that particular day at that particular time.

With writing this blog I have found lots of encouragement from you, my readers.  I can’t tell you what it means to me when you comment on a post, whether it’s to ask a question, give advice, or give a “well done”.  It makes my day, and so for that Thank You!  Along, with the comments I get from you, I’ve also found other places that have helped encourage, motivate me, and give me the push to keep going when I want to quit.

Fit Bottomed Girls is a new one I just discovered, I wrote about their book that I am currently reading and plunging into 250%.  I’ve been working on the 10 minute fixes that they gave for Ditching the Diet Drama, and well I have to say it really is making me more self-aware of things that I have been doing that may not have been self sabotaging, although some of them certainly have been, but they definitely haven’t been beneficial to helping me become the best that I can be.  You can read my post here.  And. if you’re interested in finding more about Fit Bottomed Girls you can check them out here.  They are pretty cool, lots of information, and even some giveaways.  Quick if you head over there right now you can even enter todays giveaway.

I am a fitbit junkie, which I’ve talked about on numerous occasions, and well I am not going to bore you with more of that.  However, I will tell you I joined the Fitbit Friends group on Facebook, and these people in the group ROCK!  Super supportive, there is always someone there to give an encouraging word and some motivation when you need.  Advice, well they offer that up too.  I love being part of a group where I don’t feel horrible posting a picture of my before alongside my after.  Heck, I don’t even think I have posted one on here yet.  I love seeing the transformations people are making in their lives to become healthier and more fit.  If you have a fitbit, and even if you don’t but are thinking about get one check out the group, you’ll be amazed at how welcoming and supportive they all are.  Plus, I can’t tell you how many ideas I have gotten for increasing my steps, becoming more active in my daily life, and a million other little things.

Then of course there is Pinterest, which I haven’t been spending nearly as much time on as I once used to.  Hey, it’s ok I am being way more active now, so I don’t have as much time to get sucked into the Pinterest vortex, which is okay with me.  But, on those days where I am just not motivated to do it, or I get frustrated or down on myself I head on over to Pinterest and do a little weight loss or exercise motivation search, and the stuff that comes up always helps me out.  It pulls me out of my funk enough for me to get my butt moving, and well once I start exercising I am good to go.  It’s just sometimes I need that push to get started.  And, there are lots of times when I need the reminder to step away from the junk food and pick a healthier option.

I am quite happy that I live in a world where I can find motivation and encouragement with just a click of the mouse.  Of course don’t get me wrong I like getting those things from actual living, breathing human beings, but sometimes when there isn’t anyone around to give me that old pat on the back I can look at a motivational quote and realize yeah I’m going to do it this time.

If you ever need some words of encouragement know that you have them from me, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Fitbit Addicted

I’ve may have mentioned this in the past ok I know I’ve mentioned this on the past but I’m quite addicted to my fitbit. As in if I haven’t reached my goal for the day I’m not going to sleep until I do.
I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve been seen a time or two pacing, marching/jogging in place, and definitely dancing around to get those last steps in. My husband has finally gotten used to it, and no longer looks at me like I have 2 heads when I start doing any of these things. Although, when I do them in public while waiting in line or whatever he gives me a look. The “look” can only be described as, “Are you seriously marching in place right now? You know you look like you’re doing the “I gotta pee dance” right.” Yeah, I don’t care what I look like I’ve got a goal to meet so whatever.
My addiction goes pretty deep I’ve bought a sweatshirt and a tee-shirt that both proclaim me as an addict. I mean I am one I will fully admit it. So, why not embrace it and announce it. I know there are others out there just like me.
Well, today my addiction went a bit deeper, ok actually it was Thursday night that it went deeper I just got to benefit from it today.
I have the fitbit flex, which if you are unfamiliar with fitbit this is one you wear on your wrist, and no it’s not the one that caused people to break out in rash. Anyway, you can get different colored bands for your flex. And, well I did I bought 7 different colors, and I’m pretty excited about it. I had previously bought 3 additional bands, and have now added to my collection.
I now am the proud owner, yeah that’s right I said proud, of 11 different color bands.
I have:
Hot Pink
Medium Blue
Lime Green
Light Orange
Yeah I’ll be rocking different colored bands every day. Can we say I’ll be color coordinated with my outfits always now. So yeah, I’m addicted.
Here are the 7 new bands that were delivered to my house this morning:

Also, I did it I went for it I splurged big time. I bought the Aria scale. I found it on Amazon for quite a bit less than it sells normally, so I went for it.

I immediately set it up and hopped on that puppy. I like that it gives weight and body fat % of course I did not like the weight or body fat % it told me I was, but hey I’m working on that every day. This week alone was an awesome week for weight loss. I actually lost way more than planned, but I’m sure it has to do with the change in my diet and new exercise routine and next week I’ll be back at a more normal rate of weight loss. But, hey this week I lost 6.1 pounds which now thanks to the Aria scale I received this little gem:

That’s my first weight loss badge. Whooooo! I’ve lost more than that, but you only get badges when you have a wifi scale synced to your account, and well now I do so here’s hoping I’ll be getting many more of them over the next couple of months.
So, yes I’m addicted to my fitbit, it motivates me to get up and move. I know that it’s not accurately recording my calorie burn it’s an estimate and that’s fine, because this little, basically pedometer has motivated me like no other gadget has before. I’m walking at least 15,000 steps a day and doing something very active for at least 30 minutes a day. It’s a reminder to get off my butt, and get moving. It’s made me change things in my daily life. I’m no longer looking for the closest parking space or making only one trip act like a pack mule. No, now I’m parking on the furthest corner of the lot, and I’m making multiple trips.
Yes, I am addicted to my fitbit, but I don’t think it’s a bad addiction to have at all. I’m making healthier choices in my life and have become more active because of this little thing so, I’m not quitting this addiction anytime soon.

You Know You’re Obsessed When…

You know you’re obsessed with your fitbit and winning when you look at the leader board and see that you are only 1,200 steps behind the leader. You’re exhausted and have already done 30,000 steps today not to mention the 35,000 yesterday, but you get up and march in place anyway.

Yeah, I’m a bit competitive, and am getting really mad at this guy for beating my steps every day. But, hey it’s good motivation and has kept me really moving the last 2 days.

Challenges Are Motivation

The weather here has been anything but motivating me to exercise and be active. Luckily I’ve found and thanks to getting challenged by people daily I’ve been getting active. Of course it’s usually about 8pm or so when I go I got to get my butt moving to at least complete the challenge let alone win it.
Plus, these challenges that are a month long have made me raise my daily step goal by 5,000 steps so now I’m walking 15,000 steps a day instead of the 10,000 that I was kind of just hanging out at. Along with month long challenges I keep getting challenged to daily and weekly challenges. This week I have to walk at a minimum 16,289.5 steps in order to complete the challenge. Which I’m happy to report I am doing. Only 3,000 steps away. Walmart laps here I come.
Tomorrow starts a new monthly challenge which is 15,000 steps so nothing to hard for me since I’m already doing that, but I also have a single day challenge of 25,000 steps. I say bring it on, and the weather may actually corporate and I’ll be able to get some stepping done outside.
And, finally tomorrow starts a Munzee challenge. And, well I’m currently the highest stepper in the group, so I’ll be stepping it up big time to stay there, and besides I want to win.
So thank you and all of you who keep challenging me, because you’re making me be accountable and also get off my butt.