I’m a fitbit addict, as I’ve said many times before, I mean I have the shirt even. However, the fitbit is limited in what it can do. Basically it’s a pedometer with a web interface that gives you extra motivation by allowing for friends and leaderboards. Basically promoting some healthy competition. The fitbit tracks your steps and either through their app or website you can also add activity that you do, and it will roughly calculate the calorie burn for your time during the activity. It’s an estimation, there is no way for your fitbit to calculate your calorie burn, the only way to do this is with a heart rate monitor.

Now, here’s the thing with a heart rate monitor, I can’t wear a chest strap.  I sweat, and I have boobs, and well it just irritates the heck out of me. So with this it’s really difficult to get an accurate count of how many calories I’m burning.

I found a new device this past week, that I’ve been testing out. It’s the Lifetrak Core 200. Again it’s a wrist worn device that is basically a pedometer, with the added benefit of a heart rate monitor. Now this heart rate monitor that takes the reading from your wrist is not as accurate as a chest strap heart rate monitor, it’s definitely more accurate than the fitbit’s estimation of calories burned. The device counts your steps, distance, and calories burned along with taking your heart rate. Based on your heart rate it lets you know your calorie burn. Also, the device has a workout mode. This mode allows you to start it at the beginning of the workout and it will track all of your stats for your workout. You take your heart rate during the workout, and it will calculate your calorie burn. I really like this device, and if it had the community that the fitbit has, I would probably get rid of the fitbit. All of my information is right on my wrist at all times, no need to look to my phone for the stats.

The device I have is not Bluetooth enabled so it doesn’t sync with my phone or anything so I can only keep my stats for 7 days. But, that’s ok I have my fitbit to show my long-term achievements. There are other models that are Bluetooth enabled and works with the Argus app, and its own Lifetrak app. The Move 300 model and then the Zone 410, which in addition to the Bluetooth connectivity tracks your sleep. There is no need to put it in sleep mode it does it automatically which is kind of neat.

I went with the basic model because I have my fitbit, and since Lifetrak doesn’t work with the many rewards apps I use I didn’t need the extra features of Bluetooth and sleep tracking since my fitbit does both of these things. I’m hoping that in the future Achievement, EveryMove, EarnedIt, and Fleetly will all sync with the Lifetrak, and then I can be down to wearing one device on my wrist.

There is a new version coming out this fall the 415 which I’m really excited about it looks really neat, it’s a round face instead of the rectangle face that they currently are using. It tracks all of the same stuff as the 200, 300, and 410. The 415 will also sync with your phone delivering alerts to the tracker with texts, phone calls, and emails. I don’t really need that feature, but hey it’s still pretty cool. I really love the heart rate monitor on my wrist without the chest strap, and that all of the info is right on my wrist. Plus the device looks like a normal sports watch. Oh, and another plus, changeable bands, which I love since I change my fitbit bands daily.

You can check Lifetrak here.


So, after 4 days with the Lifetrak, I’m loving it, but still not giving up the fitbit yet. Although, it may happen in the future.