Ughhhh traveling again. I hate it! Okay I don’t hate traveling when I’m going somewhere fun, but when I’m not headed off for fun traveling sucks. 

Especially when it’s a 12 hour car drive. An entire day wasted in the car. 

Add into the day spent in the car finding acceptable food options for me to eat on the road is hard or next to impossible. Convince store foods aren’t going to work for a person who can’t eat gluten, dairy, added sugar, or soy. 

This morning breakfast at the hotel consisted of some fruit, a few potatoes, and a 1/4 cup of nuts and seeds I had brought with me. 

I can see the next 4 days living off of RX Bars. At least they are clean, healthy, and full of protein. 

Of course my husband is consuming crap left and right. It’s 1 and he’s already had 5 sodas, 2 candy bars, caramel popcorn, and breakfast at the hotel which consisted of biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, and yogurt. And, he wonders why he gains weight. Uhmmmm you’ve already consumed more calories than do in 3 days, and oh yeah you aren’t burning any of them off sitting in the car for the next 6 hours. 

I will be eating a whole lot of grilled chicken salads over the next 4 days. I’ll be sick of it by the time we get home. 

Why can’t restaurants cook clean and offer healthy items instead of all this food filled with crap. I would just like to eat some real meals from time to time when I travel.