Happy Thanksgiving

I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you’re spending it with your loved ones.
And, well what holiday would be complete without a shot of all the yummy food.

Yeah, let the food coma commence. And, well we won’t even mention the pumpkin pie with whipped pumpkin pie cream I’ll be devouring later. Well okay so I just mentioned it but yum. I’ll be working my butt off tomorrow, but today it’s about good company, food, and giving thanks for all that I have.
And, one last parting shot.

No, these are not my dogs. One my dogs would never sit still long enough to take a picture, two they would eat their hats before I could even get them on them, and three my dogs are not that color.

String Cheese

My new go to snack is light string cheese. I’ve always liked string cheese, but now it’s become my go to. This fact is for many reasons:

  • It’s easily portable
  • It taste yummy
  • Has only 50 calories
  • Protein, and as a vegetarian this is a great thing I find I don’t always get enough protein in my daily diet
  • And, let’s face it, it’s fun to eat, I can make a string cheese last a good 10 minutes, by peeling and peeling to the thinnest string I can get. And, well after playing with my food for 10 minutes, I’m not going to be looking for something else to eat as soon as I finish the last bite.
  • Who doesn’t like playing with their food from time to time.

String cheese definitely finds its way into my cart on nearly a weekly basis.

How about you any snack that you use as your go to?