Good Day

Today was a filled day. I had to dog walk, run some errands, and make a stop at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. 

I picked up more almond butter, which let me tell you I love fresh ground almond butter it’s so good. I eat it with fruit and celery. I make sure not to eat it every day because well a girl could seriously get addicted to that stuff. Along with the almond butter it was time to purchase more honey as now that I’ve finished my Whole 30 I will be introducing foods again and I will be using honey and maple syrup as my primary sweeteners when I do make sweet treats. Which of course will not be very often as sweets are my downfall. The other item I stocked up on at Whole Foods are Bilinski’s chicken sausages. OMG I can’t even begin to tell you how good they are. I eat them occasionally for breakfast, lunch, dinner, any meal they are perfect. They are completely Whole 30 compliant, well some of the flavors are others aren’t. So, when I saw them in the case again I stocked up. I have other chicken sausages that are great but have added items that aren’t allowed on the Whole 30, so when I’m doing Whole 30 or a Whole 7 or with this reintroduction phase 2 days on 1 day of reintroduction I need compliant sausage. So I scooped up a bunch and now I have a stocked freezer, along with other chicken and turkey sausages that aren’t compliant as in they have some added sugar and or cheese. 

After Whole Foods I ran into Trader Joes and picked up some unsweetened shredded coconut, turkey burgers which were on sale and so again I stocked up. I also picked up another package of their chicken chili lime burgers, which are the BOMB!!!

I love eating this way. I definitely think that I’m in a much better mindset than after my first round and am definitely determined to keep eating this way. 

Tomorrow I’ll be trying cheese, here’s hoping its a go as I love cheese. So hmmmm maybe it’s better if its not that great for me. 

Happy Friday!