Kickin’ Night

Tonight was kickball night. And, well it was a heck of a game. 

We had to contend against the wind, missing some key players, players playing new positions, and some last minute changes to the lineup. 

We played a decent game but fell behind by 4 in the middle of the game. We were able to bring it within 2, but went into our final ups with the bottom of the lineup up to kick. 

However, we were able to make it work and scored both the toeing, it was me, and the leading run, which became the game winning run. 

We adjusted our defense for the bottom of the 5th playing with 2 chargers and playing some serious defense. We were able to get 3 quick outs and put another one in the win column. 

After the game it was off to the local watering hole for some drinks, food, laughs, and cheers. 

All About That Base is ready for next week’s double header.