Why Don’t You Color Me Rad

Today was the Color Me Rad 5K here in my neck of the woods. I did it with a few friends and it was a lot of fun. Who cares that I resprained the ankle last week or my knee is still jacked up or my hip is out causing my back to be all sorts of tight. I did it anyway. Although, it was a bit painful at times I pushed through and made it. 

The event was Sold Out!!! That’s right Sold Out, that just tells you how many people there were and well there were a lot of us taking in the fun. 


 A little before the race action. Nice and clean and color free. 

And, well I can’t say the same about the end of the race. 


Yup, color everywhere not to exclude my teeth and up my nose. I still have what looks like a giant bruise, but isn’t on my arm from a big dose of purple and blue that just isn’t ready to come off yet. But, hey no big deal it’s just a little color. 

It was definitely a fun way to spend the morning and can’t wait to do another one. 

Getting Excited

Sunday I’m doing the Color Me Rad run. I’m pretty excited about it. I of course will be walking it as I have been laid up with this dang knee injury. With that I haven’t been doing any run training. 

Oh and did I already mention this that I re-sprained my ankle and got my left ankle into the show as well on Saturday. Yeah, that was just what I needed. Damn you joints and causing me problems. 

Needless to say if I wasn’t going to walk before I’m definitely walking it now. I still should be able to finish it in about 45-50 minutes as I can definitely do a 15 minute mile. 

It should be fun. As I’m doing it with 3 other friends. I’ll be posting pictures after the race. 

Mud Run

I’ve officially signed up for my second 5K fun run. It will take place a month after my first run. 

Of course I’ll be walking these both or at least the majority of them because I have no run training right now and am still dealing with this pesky knee injury. 

April will be the Color Me Rad run and then in May I’ll be doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run. A 5k run with lots of mud and obstacles. I can’t wait I think it’s going to be a ton of fun. 

I’m looking at doing at least 2 more fun runs this year. They will pretty much be the same thing as these 2 just with a different name. Color Vibe run and the Dirty Dash are the other 2 runs I’m looking at doing. And, I’m hoping that I’ll actually get to run one of them. If not then I have something to look forward and work towards next year. 

A Little Training

The weather was wonderful today. Sun was shining and temps in the near 70’s. 

I headed over to a friend’s house this afternoon where we took the kids for a walk. As we need to get prepared for our Color Me Rad 5k run in a little over a month. 

We did 2.5 miles today and when you have a 6 year old with you that’s pretty good. The 6 year old managed to walk the entire thing. There may have been some bribery involved but hey you do what you have too. 

We are creating quite the team we’ve got 4 members already and maybe some more. The more the merrier I say. I can’t wait it’s going to be fun. 

Oh and I just found out that the Dirty Girl Run will be here in May. Yeah, I’ll be doing that one too. Any ladies want to join me I’ll be setting up a team. I’m

Loving the fact that I can take part in all of these fun runs. 

How about you have you participated in a fun run? How’d you like it?

Fun Run Season

I learned today that we are going to be having 2 color runs in the area this year. 

The first one up is the Color Me Rad run on April 19th. I’m totally signing up. I won’t be running it as I’ll still be in rehab for it but I can hopefully jog part of it and I’ll definitely walk it. I’m thinking of creating a team of course I only have 6 days to do so. Okay I have longer than that but if I get it organized in the next 6 days we get the early bird price. So yeah I’ll be setting it up quick.  

So if you’re interested in joining me on April 19th for the run hit me up. 

You can check out the race info HERE

The second race is the color run which has yet to have a date published but it’s right in my backyard and I’m hoping that by the time that that one rolls around I’ll be able to run it. 

Bring on the Fun Runs.