It’s True


After this move is over which I’m declaring to the husband is the last move for us for at least 5 years as we’ve moved 5 times in less than 3 years, I will be back on to the planned meals and scheduled workouts as I’ve been seriously slacking. 

Between getting injured and tons of traveling that has been going on I have been making horrible food choices and not working out. 

I’ve been cleared to do low-impact stuff and I am going to as I want and need to get back to it. 

And, well packing an entire house again is some exercise I guess. 

It’s Time

The weather the last few days has been amazing. The temps here have been in the 70-80’s with a few days of 60’s thrown in. 

With these warmer temperatures it’s time to get my ass back on track and get int he best shape I can for the summer. I won’t be able to do as much as I was before the knee injury but I need to find a way to be more active and get over being bummed and pissed about this injury and be proactive instead of wallowing in it self-pity. 

I was doing so well and all the progress I had made I’ve undone with poor choices. So I’m getting my head out of my ass and back on track. It’s time to continue on the journey.