Just Not Feeling It

Today has been a complete waste of a day. I’ve been loafing around. I had to force myself to workout at 3 today, because I had done absolutely nothing all day. Well, I read a book but for being active that I was definitely not.
I’ve been running around and doing some errands so that’ll help with my activity level today. And, well now it’s time for some baseball. Only 2 more games after this and then it’s playoff time.

Another Early Morning Here

Today, we were supposed to have a showing of our house, which meant I needed to get up and get moving. Which, is a good thing since I’ve been getting up later and later every day. The alarm went off at 6:30, and I did my workout. I did 30 minutes of cross training, followed by 40 minutes of insane aerobics, it’s actually called aerobics boot camp and well it was tough, and this was followed up by some yoga. Oh, and also snow removal since the wind decided to blow and drift up the snow along the front of my house in 2-3 feet drifts. Fantastic, have I mentioned I hate snow.  And, of course the husband wasn’t getting home until they were scheduled to see the house, so that meant this girl was doing snow removal again.

I get the snow taken care of run through the house with the vacuum, and hopped in the shower.  So by 10 am I had done some serious exercise and running around. Then, wouldn’t you know the realtor calls and says they are canceling. UGH! Seriously!

But, tt hey it’s okay because getting up early and getting the workout in and done has been a good thing. I’m way over my daily step goal and I’ve had a great day and feel very energetic. I’m hoping that today’s up early and at ’em workout will help jump-start me back into that routine, because the way I’ve been going has not been good.

Here’s to getting up and moving!

Mornings And I Are Not Friends

You could say that mornings and I have some issues. I’m pretty much useless in the mornings until about 10am. I don’t have any facts as to why I function better after 10, other than I just do.

Well this morning I was being a nanny and have to be over to the house by 6:15, which means I am getting up and needing to be useful well before I want too. The alarm went off at 5:15, because I know that I’m hitting the snooze several times so better start the wake up process a bit earlier than need be. I had a second alarm set for 5:30, which is pretty much the time I must get up and moving.  I need to get the dogs and myself taken care of before heading out the door by 6. I did manage to drag myself out of bed and get things going.

Now the best part about this nanny job is it’s split into a morning and an afternoon shift. The morning shift is over by 9. So usually I bring myself home and curl back up in bed, yeah it’s not a problem for me to go back to sleep after being up and active. Did I mention I love sleep.

This morning, I told myself no! I was not going back to sleep after getting home, I was going to work out, and you know what I did. I’m pretty proud of myself that’s something big. Why, you ask well I really like sleep, and I really dislike working out. But, this morning I sucked it up and did a workout from my Learn 2 Run program, and promptly followed that up with 20 minutes of yoga. Oh, and holy cannoli am I not flexible at all. Yikes! Looks like yoga will be a thing I will be sticking with for a while.

So, I’d like to say to this early morning, Ha, I kicked your ass! Of course now it’s 8pm and I am ready for bed, but hey I did something today that usually I won’t even consider.

Happy Friday and hope you have an enjoyable weekend.