Oh My Goodness I Forgot What It Looked Like 

Would you look at that. There is sun and blue skies. I almost forgot what that looked like as we have seen neither in days. 

I did a lot of errands today and ran around town getting things done and the grocery shopping done for pretty much the week. 

I also hit the treadmill for 10 minutes which was my goal to be at by the end of this week. I’ve decided that next week I’m going to keep my time at 10 minutes but increase my speed by a 10th of a mile every day. I think I’ll rotate weekly between adding time and speed. I think this will work for me and if not than I can always change it later. 

I’m happy to say I’ve met my goals I’ve set out for myself this week, which is what it’s all about. I didn’t complete all of the exercises I scheduled for the week but my exercise goals for the week were met so it’s a win. I didn’t bike at all this week as the weather was not allowing that, and I only substituted a different activity on one of the days that I was going to bike. However, I did do my treadmill workout on that day I flaked on adding a different activity in, and that was a main goal for the week so I’m happy with how I did. 

I’m feeling pretty good about this past week. And, Metabolic Aftershock is no joke. I’ve only done a week so I can’t say I’ve seen any change yet it’ll take some time, but I’m enjoying the workouts and I know I’m pushing myself to the limit which is a good thing. So yeah, I’m looking forward to Week 2. 

I’m going to enjoy the rest of my Saturday and the rest of my weekend. Hope you’re achieving all your goals you set for yourself. 

Nice Day For A RidE

Right before the husband left for work we bought a bike for me. However, it has been sitting in the garage not getting any use as I was working on the house. Well the house is done, and I didn’t have a job scheduled for today. 

So today was the day that I finally took it out for a serious spin. The day we brought the bike home I did do a quick trip around the block. 

We are really fortunate to live right on a gorgeous bike path. I mean it’s basically out my front door. Okay I do have to cross the street to get on it, but it’s right here. The path takes you into the state park that is about a mile and a half from the house and loops all through the park. 

Being as today was my first time riding the bike I decided I do a 30 minute ride. I’d see how far I made it in 15 minutes and then turn back. 

I am happy to report I made it into the park and rode about a half a mile through the park and then turned back to head home. 

It was a really nice ride. It’s wooded so pretty shady and cool and the bugs weren’t even bad. Which is a good thing since I completely forgot to douse myself in bug spray before I left. 

The only part about the entire ride is that the path crosses a major road so it’s a bit like playing Frogger at that point. I wish they would put in a crosswalk light in that area. I think it would be a little bit safer, but I just sat and waited for a time when it was exceptionally clear and crossed the road. 

One thing I figured out very quickly on my ride. I hate my bicycle seat. It’s super hard and very uncomfortable. I’m either going to get used to it or I’ll be looking for something new in the future. 

There’s my stats for this ride. Hey it’s my first time riding a bike in I don’t even know how long and it was just a cruise I wasn’t out to break any records. Oh and my bike is a beach cruiser. So yeah not a bike designed to be ridden hard or fast. But, hey I still got in a nice little workout and enjoyed the outdoors. 

Next time I’ll even wear the heart rate monitor to see how I’m really doing.