I Hate It, But I’m Doing It

Mornings. I really, really, really hate them. I am so far from a morning person it’s not even funny. Seriously, don’t ask me to function before 10am other than breathe and maybe answer a simple yes or no question. I’m just not with it until 10. 

It really is amazing once we get the double digits on the clock I’m golden, I can do differential calculus in my head if need be, okay not really but I can do complicated math and solve complex problems without much effort, but ask me at 9:58 and I’m like, “Are you speaking English?” So yeah, morning person I am not. 

However, today I needed to be in the office earlier than usual, which meant I needed to get up earlier than usual and oh yeah I’m committed to this whole working out and reaching/completing my goals this week, which means I had to get up even earlier. Ughhhhhh!!! Let’s just say I’m not quite a happy camper. As its quarter to 9 and I’m up and somewhat functioning. 

Okay, I’ll be honest as exhausted as I was when I got up earlier than normal I put on my big girl pants and worked out. And, well the workout throughly exhausted me, but in a completely different way. And, well now it’s quarter to 9 and I’m functioning enough to actually write this post, of course later I may read over and say oh yeah not nearly awake enough to be posting on the blog, but anyway I do feel a bit more awake than if I had just gotten up and not worked out. 

Must be those endorphins I hear talked about so much. Waking me up. Of course I may be ready for a nap by noon but it will just be an early to bed type of night. 

The husband will be at a concert tonight and I’ll have the house to myself so, curling up and reading some of my book and then falling asleep watching a movie at 8pm will be perfectly acceptable. 

So yeah, I hate mornings, but I’ve definitely have found over time that working out first thing is the best for me. That way I have no excuses to get in the way and prevent me from doing the workout. Of course when you have to go to work it means getting up that much earlier which I’m not a fan of. Luckily, I have a job where I can set my own schedule for the most part, and make the morning wake up call a bit more reasonable. 

How about you do you find that there is a time that works best for you to get your daily exercise in? What motivates you to keep with it?

Another Busy Day

The last couple of days around here have been busy. Not that that is a bad thing at all, but I’d like a little less excitement. 

I for whatever reason I woke up at 2am and then couldn’t fall back to sleep until well after 5. Which would normally be fine, however I had to work this morning. 

So, to say I’m a bit tired is an understatement.

I headed off to work and afterwards stopped at Target to pick up a few items for the house, promptly came home and worked on setting up storage for the bathroom. Happy to say that both bathrooms are done, well except for that whole decoration/decor thing. Although, the master bath really has no room for decor since it’s so small. 

I’m excited to have the bathrooms done and even put a bit of a dent in my bedroom. There is some stuff I have to put away in temporary storage for the husband to go through and put the bed together, meaning pillows and duvet. Plus I need to decide which photos I’ll be hanging in the bedroom, which I plan on getting up on the wall tomorrow as well. The bedroom won’t be to difficult to finish since most of its alread done, and I’m hoping to get the guest bedroom finished tomorrow as well. Of course like the shower curtain I am on the hunt for the perfect bed covering for that room. Haven’t found it yet. I’ve found stuff that I like but not in the price I like. So the search continues. 

Now to finish off the day I’m headed to a Junior  League event, which should be fun. The plan is to drink club soda with lime and snack in carrot and celery sticks and then when I get home I’ll have dinner. That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it. 

Here’s a look at the bathrooms and my meticulously organized linen closet. 

As you can see the master bath, the blue one is exceptionally small. It gets the job done but it’s cramped for space. 

Happy Hump Day!

A Third Of The Way With Day 10

Today marks day 10 which means I’ve already done a third of the Whole 30 can you believe it. I sure can’t. I’m a little shocked that it’s already been 10 days.
However, today I was actually starving at 2 points during the day. I was starving before my Zumba class and by the time the class was over I was famished and ready to devour my snack. My Monkey Salad snack was definitely something that hit the spot this afternoon. The second time I was feeling hungry was after my yoga class, which is to be expected since I was starving before workouts started.
I’m not sure why I was so hungry today. It may have been because of the times that I ate today which were a bit earlier than normal as in an hour or more before the earliest I’ve eaten so far. We will see how I feel tomorrow.
The other thing I had to deal with today is I’m craving something sweet and fruit just isn’t cutting it. I want junk food/desserts. It’s starting to subside but it’s still here. Which, is kind of weird since I haven’t really craved the dessert thing since I started. Hoping that tomorrow this craving is gone.
I made my meal plan for next week and shopping list. It’s looking like another exciting week of good food. I’ll be using the crock pot again to make my dinners this upcoming week. Which I like because it’s throw it in and you can pretty much forget about it.
Zumba class was a good one we learned a new routine and did some of the older routines that we haven’t done in a while which was fun.
Yoga was a good class , we did a lot of opening up the shoulders again which is something I desperately need. I can’t wait until Friday when hopefully all of the shoulder issues will be somewhat resolved.
And here’s my food picture:


Week 2 DONE

Week 2 of Gamma is done. And, I’ll be the first to say that those 25 minutes of every day kick my ass and make me push myself, but I’m kicking Gamma’s ass!!!!
After I finish this cycle I’m going to start the whole program over and hopefully sometime soon I’ll be doing no modifications.
Thanks Shaun T and Focus T25 for making me work hard and to become a stronger person.

Got To Get My Steps In Somehow

4.5 hours of today was spent driving in the car. Ughhhhh! That does nothing for my activity level. Tomorrow 6 hours, well really 4 actual hours, but with the time change it’ll be 6 will be spent on a plane. Of course it’s worth it, because I’m heading home to see friends and family for 2 weeks. Oh and did I mention it’s in civilization. What!? What’s that you ask, yeah it’s something Wyoming is missing a lot of.
So with this traveling and sitting still for hours on end I’m creating my plan to get my steps and workouts in. My flight leaves at 7am which means I’m at the airport at 5am. Yuck. So I’ll be doing some serious laps around the airport that’s for sure. And, to get my T25 workout in well I’ll be doing that at the stroke of midnight followed by a quick shower and then a few hours of shut eye before getting off to the airport. I’ll be taking a nap here shortly so that I can get up at midnight to do said workout.
As for today and getting my steps in I did a little running around IKEA, hello steps galore. After that I went to the mall and did some window shopping. And, now I’m currently working on this blog while pacing my hotel room. Only 1000 more steps needed today.
How do you get your activity in when on long travel days?

On A Roll

Yesterday, my husband called me and said, “pack a bag, you have a flight to catch tomorrow, (meaning TODAY!!!).  So, with that I’ve been running around taking care of all of the last-minute stuff that needs to be done before leaving the house for a few days, especially one that is on the market, and may be shown while you’re gone.  Along, with that I did my mile to 5k training session today.  I did one yesterday too, and usually do them M,W,F, but being that I’m heading on a trip I thought I’d get day 2 in and only have to worry about doing one more day while on this trip.  I also did my Pound workout, today was supposed to be a rest day for that as well, but I will rest tomorrow, and I Pounded today.  And, finally I fit in Day 8 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge.  So with that I am almost at 10,000 steps and more than half way to those 15,000 steps I need to get a day.

I’m pretty excited and I am hoping that by the time I board my plane I will be at the 10,000 mark, which makes getting those extra 5,000 not so daunting.


Oh where am I going you ask, well:

That’s right VEGAS BABY!!!  I’m excited, I get to spend time with my husband, and my brother and sister-in-law will be there as well.  Can’t wait should be fun times.