I’m Going To Feel That Tomortow

I did day 2 of the Gamma Cycle, and well let’s just say Shaun T ain’t playing around when he says this cycle’s focus is strength.
Yikes! 3 of the 4 videos in this cycle use hand weights/resistance bands. And, well for all if you out there my strength is pretty crappy. Push-ups, yeah I’m doing them in a table top position, planks, well with the help if T25 I’m now able to hold a modified plank for a minute, but anyway you can see strength not my strong suit. Although, I have a feeling after this cycle I may be somewhat improved in that area.
However I was hurting today. I made it through the workout but my arms and shoulders were screaming at times, and I’m positive that tomorrow I’ll be feeling the affects of this latest round if Shaun T torture. But hey stronger fitter me I’m all for it.

Beta Cycle Complete

Today was my last day of T25 Beta Cycle. What! What! Yes, I’ve done a T25 workout Monday through Friday for the last 10 weeks.
I’m super stoked about all that I’ve accomplished. There were definitely days where I thought I would never make it through the 25 minutes and days where I cried during those double day Fridays. But, I stuck with it pushed through and did it. I’m definitely stronger than I was at the start and my endurance is much higher. All of the work an sweat, there has been lots of sweat has been worth it.
Monday I’ll start the Gamma Cycle, and well I’m terrified. I mean some of the names are Speed 3.0, The Pyramid, and Extreme Circuit. Yikes!
I’ve yet to watch any of the videos but I’ll be checking them out this weekend. Which is either a good thing so it gives me an idea of what I’m in for, or it’s a terrible idea because I’ll see what I’m in for.
Here’s to a 4 week round of Gamma Cycle and an even stronger me.