I’ve been taking the dogs to the dog park nearly every day. I get in a run and so do they. We usually finish up the trip with some swimming in the river for them.
Today, we were out for our run and came across another walker and her dog. She was on her cell phone the entire time while her dog was running and playing with mine.
Well all of a sudden my dogs start running and this woman’s dog decides he’s going to chase after them. Normally not a big deal. However, the dog decided that going through me instead of around me was a better way to go. Well I’m sure it looked like a scene out of a cartoon. The dog plowed into me I flew up in the air and landed on top of the dog. The dog is freaking out, my dogs are freaking out, and the woman continues on her cell phone. Uhmmm, a little help please. I’d like to get off your dog before he bites me or something.
Luckily I wasn’t hurt, I ended up with a scraped elbow.

Not too bad could have been much worse. Although, I will say it burns like a mother.
However, the thing that upset me the most was the damage my poor sneakers endured. My SKORA running sneakers ended up shredded a bit.


And, as you can see they aren’t very used and now they’ve been torn through a layer šŸ˜¦
Let’s just say I’m way more upset about my sneakers then my elbow.
Anyway, when I got home I called SKORA’s customer service, and explained what happened. The gi I talked to was very understanding and said that this was not a warranty issue but he would issue me a 20% off coupon for a future purchase. Well awesome because I can still wear the ones I have, and I already had been looking at a different SKORA shoe to buy. I love them. So, thank you SKORA for the discount and I’ll be buying my new sneakers sooner than later.
Oh best part after purchasing my new sneakers they sent me another coupon for 10% off my next order. So yeah SKORA rocks. Oh and the email they sent me with my 20% off coupon was personal and even talked about my spill in the dog park.
I love when a company is awesome to their customers. I’ll definitely be sticking with SKORA.