Trying To Find The Motivation

I woke up this morning feeling completely exhausted and unmotivated. I was so unmotivated that I didn’t get up and moving until extremely late. However, once I drug myself out of bed I did do my daily workouts. Unfortunately, I’m a bit angry with myself because I know that I did not do them at a 100%. If I’m being completely honest with myself, and well part of the reason I started this blog was to be completely honest with myself on this journey, I completely half assed the workouts. So, I’m feeling a little guilty about it, but I did get up and move and I know that I am going to have bad days, and today for workouts it’s been a not so great day. Tomorrow is another day, and I will not half ass the work.

I have been behind on my daily steps today, between getting up late, and being in the kitchen cooking there wasn’t a lot of walking going on. I did make amends for that and hit the treadmill for 45 minutes. I walked at my normal pace, and enjoyed being active for a while.

Here’s hoping tomorrow I’m motivated to kick some serious butt! Even if I’m not I’m going to anyway.