Day 2

I survived day 1 and have been sailing through day 2.
Breakfast was not eaten within 30 minutes of waking but within the hour. Which for me that is awesome. Plus breakfast this morning had a lot of prep time.
Lunch was the leftover fish from last night with a sweet potato and blackberries.
Dinner was citrus chicken which was amazing.
I also spent some time today making some staples that I’ll be using throughout the 30 days. I made an olive oil mayo, I’ll let you know how it tastes once I’ve used it. I also made Ghee or clarified butter. It took quite a bit of time but I’m happy I can put some butter on my sweet potato.
Here’s a look at my plates today. I also had some mixed nuts after my Krav Maga class tonight.

I attended my yoga class, which today’s class was a power yoga, and well I was sweating and definitely tired afterwards. We did a lot of warrior and lunge poses which at times irritated the ankle. Once I was able to get into the posture it wasn’t bad it was just the flowing into the posture that caused issues at times.
And, tonight I returned to Krav Maga after a few weeks off to give the ankle and foot some rest. I’m almost wishing I hadn’t. First the class was packed, and two a tyrant was running the class. We did very little sparring it was all military style exercising that was done. I wanted to die. The first 10 minutes of class were jumping jacks followed by a different exercise, then back to jacks. Yeah, the ankle was feeling wonderful. This was followed up by stations where we did more exercises. Push ups I remember lots of push ups. Ughhhhh! Squats with medicine balls, kicks to the pole, more push ups, sit ups, working on knees and elbows to a person on the ground, being tied to a bungee cord and trying to strike a person in front of you, and oh yes let’s not forget about more push ups.
The end of the class we did work on learning to fall and also how to get a person off of you if they have you pinned to the ground. That’s the type of stuff I like and want to learn. And, yes being physically fit helps to be able to do these moves but I definitely didn’t want to be doing all of that today. I left the class dripping in sweat and stinking up the place. I definitely felt absolutely disgusting after the class. So yeah good workout.
Day 2 is done and I’ve survived. Bring on day 3.
I’ve also made myself a little countdown chart so to speak so I can keep track of where I am and well as you’ll see it’s just Post Its counting down from 30.

This was from yesterday.
And, this morning’s looked like this.

So yeah you get the idea.