Tonight I made a pretty tasty dinner for the husband and I. 

Stuffed chicken with pesto, spinach, tomato, and fresh mozzarella. Caprese salad and a mixed green salad.  

 Along with making dinner I’ve been working on putting the office back together. The bookshelf is organized and looking nice. I have a shelf designated for travel and one for real estate. 

After the bookshelf was tackled it was on to organizing the desk and putting all of the office supplies away. It is coming right along. Now it’s time to take all of the stuff that had taken up residence in the office that doesn’t really belong there and find a home for it. 

We got some new shelving for the attached garage which will definitely be home to some of the stuff. I have tons of sensory and craft stuff from working in early childhood education and occasionally still do that stuff, plus it’s expensive so no need to replace it. 

We also have a ton of stuff that we need to keep but doesn’t need to be cluttering up the office so it’ll be moved elsewhere. 

I also have a ton of photography bags and multiple items of the same or near same thing that I’ll be going through and cutting down the amount of stuff we have. 

Tomorrow we are off to the office supply store to get some things we need to further organize the room and then a few days of decuttering away and I’ll have a real office that is usable. Finally!!!

So I’ve actually had a fairly productive Sunday. And the husband has as well as he’s been working on his new electric home brew system he’s building.  

So yeah we’ve been productive. No day of rest here. 

Happy Sunday.