Truth But Not Good


However, when it comes time to wear actual pants and they no longer fit it’s not a good thing. 

I love a good pair of comfy yoga pants or sweats. And, well when you work from home you can get away with doing just that. Unfortunately, the problem with wearing the comfy pants and not real pants is they stretch. And, so when you’ve gained weight you don’t really notice, since the waistband expands. And, well real pants don’t do that. 

So I’ve now taken to putting on real pants instead of comfy clothes on the days when I’m at home working so that I can tell when my diet has gotten a bit out of control, and well who am I kidding my diet has been out of control for quite a while. 

So yeah your pants can’t get tight if you don’t wear any but you may be in for a huge shock when you need to wear pants. 

Too Funny Yet My Life

Have you seen this Adele, Hello Parody yet? The one where they talk about all of the exercise they aren’t doing, food they are eating, and just how unmotivated they are. 

It’s hilarious. And, so my life. New year is approaching and I’m ready to get myself back to being completely motivated not just sometimes. 

My gluteus are shaking every time I lunge. Check it out if you haven’t.