Holy Crap More Than Half Way

As I’ve mentioned before I’m doing another round of Whole 30 and WOW! This one is flying by. 

Yesterday, was day 15 which makes today day 16. I’m on the downward slope already. It’s crazy. It seems this round is flying by. I haven’t had any insane cravings which is awesome. I’m not starving that’s for sure, I’m finding that finishing my meals is sometimes difficult. It’s amazing how eating real whole unprocessed food can make you feel.

I’m not missing the junk that I was eating. Okay, it has been pretty ridiculously hot here and well some ice cream would be nice, however I’m beginning to wonder if I may have a bit of lactose intolerance. I will definitely be testing dairy with my reintroduction phase. But, I do like coconut milk ice cream so if dairy is a huge issue there is a substitute, and well ice cream shouldn’t be something I consume that often anyway. 

I am well aware of what my trigger/food with no breaks are and will be trying to stay away from them as much as possible. I know that once I have a taste I can’t stop and that is not a good thing. My triggers are junk food especially sugar. On occasion will be okay but it’s something I won’t be having every day because I know the downward spiral it leads to. 

I think a big part of the reason why this whole 30 is going as smoothly as it is, is because I joined a Facebook group where we all started on the same day and are sharing pictures of our foods and supporting each other through it. Support is definitely important in any journey that you are on, and it has helped tremendously.

Now that the house is finally done I need to start exercising more.

I was finally able to order Cize and it should be here by next week. I of course had to go through Team BeachBody to get it as its not released on BeachBody for apparently a few more weeks. Which I of course think is ridiculous. But, whatever I’ll be ignoring the “coach” they’ve given me. Uhmmmm no thanks I don’t want your emails, challenges, and whatever you’re trying to sell. But, hey I’m going to be able to Cize!!!! Can’t wait. 

You Know You’re Excited When…

  • You wake up in the middle of the night and promptly jump on the internet to purchase said item
  • Until you realize that it is not Monday yet
  • You were willing and ready to skip the weekend and jump to Monday so that you could purchase said item
  • You have literally had a dream about it
  • You are hoping its offered on Amazon so that you can get 2 day Prime shipping, and are even contemplating paying for overnight shipping
  • You’re posting your blog at 7:30 am because you’re up and wired thinking about it and need to tell someone about it

What is it that I’m so excited about you ask. I will tell you. Now, I’m not a BeachBody coach nor am I encouraging you to join them or anything like that. I’m not a Shakeology person, never tried the stuff and don’t care too I don’t check out their challenges or anything like that. 

But, I am a Shaun T fan. Hip Hop Abs, yup I love it. Insanity, holy mother of pearl does that nonsense work. T25 love love love it. I’ve done all 3 of these workout programs designed by Shaun T and love them. Okay, I love it when I finished the days workout during the workout I’m cursing Shaun T up a storm, asking why he hates me, but I love it. I really enjoy his “training” style and the workout I get from his programs. Everyone of his programs that I’ve done I’ve seen results. They work! Insanity and T25 even with not eating the best I saw inches come off and I definitely got stronger, which was what I was looking for. 

Well now Mr Shaun T has a new program coming out called Cize, and it’s all about dance. I’m totally stoked for this. I love going to Zumba class and well this is Shaun T so I can just imagine how serious this is going to get. I’ve seen some previews of the program and it looks like lots of fun. It’s called Cize the end of exercise since they say you won’t even realize you’re exercising. I’m down for that. 

So, as you can imagine Monday I’ll be ordering my copy of Cize and trying it out. I’m basically like a kid at Christmas waiting for the opportunity to get my hands on it. Of course even after I order it I’ll still be waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep. And, man if it’s not available on Amazon I’ll be waiting even longer for it as the shipping from BeachBody is nowhere near as quick as Amazon Prime. Yeah, I’m getting excited and worked up about it all at once. 

How about you are there any at home workouts that you absolutely love and have to have?