Holy Exhaustion 

I had a class this morning and lots of errands to run afterwards. 

After getting home this afternoon I sat down to watch the news and passed out for 45 minutes. Not a long nap by any means but was definitely not planning on falling asleep. 

I woke up and was like yup I’m done with the day forget being any further productivity coming from me. Which is awful because I have a lot to do. This weekend will be spent cleaning, organizing, and getting the house back in order as it’s gotten a bit out of control the last week or two. 

I also have a photo project I need to work on which means I need to get stuff set up for that as well. 

I see an early night for this girl. 

But, hey the weekend is here!!!!

Day 2 And It’s Wearing On Me

Today, is the second day in a row that I’ve gotten up at 5 and worked out. And, well I’d like to say it was easier than yesterday but that is far from the case. I’m not a morning person, and I’m exhausted. This early morning stuff is for the birds. To all of you who do this on a regular basis all I have to say is WOW! Good for you, this girl can not do it unless I absolutely have to.

I will say that I am proud of myself for doing it though, because today there was nothing stopping me from sleeping in a little later and then working out once I got home from the morning nanny shift. It did feel great to have my workout complete by 6 am and more than half way to my daily step goal.  Now of course I’m exhausted and I won’t lie I came home and took a nap today, I could barely keep my eyes open to drive home. But, at least the workouts were done and nothing pressing was needing to get done this morning so a little nap was ok.

I’m hoping today is the last day this week I’ll have to get up early, but if not I know tomorrow is that last day, and I can push through one more day. After all it is a journey of sorts and there will be all sorts of rough and tough spots along the way.