NSV Tonight!!!!

I’m extremely proud and happy with myself tonight. I had a great Non-Scale Victory tonight. I went out for dinner with friends tonight at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, and stayed completely compliant. 

Now, normally when I eat at a Mexican restaurant it’s a complete gorge fest. I eat way too much and leave feeling overstuffed and feeling sick. I will chow down on the chips, salsa, and queso like there is no tomorrow. And, then I follow all of that nonsense up with enchiladas. Yeah, it doesn’t get much more unhealthy than that. 

However, tonight I said I only have 3 more days left and I can, I have, and I will complete this Whole 30. So, I passed on the chips and queso and the enchiladas that I love so much. Instead I ordered grilled chicken fajitas with grilled veggies with pico and guac. Oh and had my fajitas in lettuce wraps. Guess what it was delicious and filling. And, well the best part is I consumed probably at least a third of the calories I’d normally consume and I have no feelings of guilt nor do I feel like I’m ready to explode. 

Now don’t get me wrong would I love to have an enchilada you bet I would but I think from now on I’ll be making a choice between the enchilada and the chips and queso. Also I’ll have a single enchilada instead of a huge platter of them. I mean really no one needs to eat that much food at once anyway. 

This was my dinner and it was so satisfying I’m definitely full and feeling really awesome about my choices and not going for the indulgence. 

And, another win I found that I really like there fajitas. I’ve never gotten them before because I always get enchiladas. I will definitely be making this choice again and won’t be regretting it. 

Three days left and then it’s the reintroduction phase so I am carefully planning that out and figuring out what foods I’ll be reintroducing which I plan on skipping all together and on what days I’ll be reintroducing said foods. I’m taking this seriously and really think that this time I’m going to make this healthy food choices and lifestyle stick. I’ve got a plan already to go for those occasions when I slip up and I know that they will happen from time to time, but having a plan already in place is definitely key to get me back on track as quickly as possible so that it’s not a complete free fall into a downward spiral. I am going to succeed.