This morning the alarm went off at 5:45. Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt too. I. Am. Not. A. Morning. Person. And, well 5:45 shouldn’t even be classified as morning that’s still night time in my book. 

But, whatever the alarm went off as I have early morning stuff going on today. So, I set the alarm got up did my Day 2 Metabolic Aftershock workout, and then the husband screwed up my treadmill workout. As in its the first time in weeks he’s gotten up before work to run. So, I needed to hop in the shower long before he was going to be done with his run. However, I did throw in a quick vacuuming of the house as a way to get some movement in and cool down. 

Plus I get the benefit of spending the day with one of my favorite soon to be 2 year olds and big brother. We are going to go play at Green Bean and run off some energy. It’ll be fun. 

And, this afternoon I’ll jump on the treadmill for my 10 minutes of training. 

Got to keep with it and let nothing get in my way. 

Happy Hump Day!!! On our way to the weekend. 


So, it’s February 1st which means time to start my new monthly challenge. Of course this first week of February I’ll be doing a bit of double challenge as its my last week of the fitin15 challenge I started in January. But, hey I can do it.
I looked through all of the 30 day challenges I’ve been pinning on Pinterest and finally picked one. It’s kind of a full body one not just focusing on arms, legs, abs, butt or what have you. Plus the name is awesome… BATMAN!!!! How can you not want to do it.
I’m posting the challenge so anyone that wants to give it a whirl can do it right along with me. I will tell you that I’m doing a modified push-up as even that I can’t go all the way to the floor, but hopefully after this challenge I’ll be able to. And, as for the plank I’m going to try to stay in a full plank since it starts off slow and work my way all the way up to the end in a full plank. We will see how things go.

So, Day 1 is complete and I went as low as I could go with those push-ups. I’m a work in progress when it comes to those but here’s to work and being able to do a real push-up soon. I hate mountain climbers but I did them and made sure to keep the butt down no cheating here.
Alright, February I’ve got my challenge mapped out and I’m ready for you.
And, for all of you football fans out there HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!!!!

I’m Doing It!

Yesterday completed week 4 of Focus T25. I was able to Nail the Full Body Circuit workout on both Tuesday and Thursday, modified version of course, but hey I still rocked it. I also didn’t feel like complete garbage or wanting to die at the end of the week like I did last week. So hey I’m making progress. I actually Nailed all of the workouts this week except Ab Intervals, but I was as close to nailing it as I’ve ever been. So, I’ll take that.
Next week is the last week in the Alpha phase, and I’m excited and scared. I’m super excited because I’ll have made it through the first phase. Although, next week as full body circuit 3 days, and one of those days being double day Friday. Yes I’m cringing as I write this. Yikes full body circuit followed by lower body focus, yeah I’m not looking forward to it. I’m also scared to death because I’m doing the modified version of Alpha and well Beta is only going to be more difficult. So yeah, I’m a little nerve wracked about it, but I can and will do it.
I’m loving the program do much I’m ordering the third phase Gamma and will do that once Beta is complete. And, my hope that is after completing the entire program once that I’ll be able to start over and do it unmodified. At least that’s the hope, but hey if I have to do it 3 times or 200 times eventually I get there. And, I will have ROCKED IT! Hard work and determination will pay off.

Trying To Find The Motivation

I woke up this morning feeling completely exhausted and unmotivated. I was so unmotivated that I didn’t get up and moving until extremely late. However, once I drug myself out of bed I did do my daily workouts. Unfortunately, I’m a bit angry with myself because I know that I did not do them at a 100%. If I’m being completely honest with myself, and well part of the reason I started this blog was to be completely honest with myself on this journey, I completely half assed the workouts. So, I’m feeling a little guilty about it, but I did get up and move and I know that I am going to have bad days, and today for workouts it’s been a not so great day. Tomorrow is another day, and I will not half ass the work.

I have been behind on my daily steps today, between getting up late, and being in the kitchen cooking there wasn’t a lot of walking going on. I did make amends for that and hit the treadmill for 45 minutes. I walked at my normal pace, and enjoyed being active for a while.

Here’s hoping tomorrow I’m motivated to kick some serious butt! Even if I’m not I’m going to anyway.