I’m Over Winter

It feels like nearly every day I am shoveling and scraping ice. It’s getting old quick. I’ve been using the snowblower instead of shoveling, and you are probably thinking that’s cheating. HA! If only it’s more work than shoveling. See my husband was so proud when he came home with the biggest, baddest snowblower they make. Yeah, well that’s great for you honey, but these measly arms can’t really wrestle your Binford 9000 snowblower. Now, my husband can move a 600 pound gun safe on his own along with picking up my treadmill in the box and carrying into the house from the car, me not so much. My upper body strength stops at about 5 pound weights, or picking up 20 pound children. So our snowblower requires me to do some wrestling with the thing, and well I don’t enjoy it at all. The best part is it will get stuck and so then I have to use my legs, thighs, back, whatever I got to get the thing moving. Oh did I mention I bruise just by being looked at. Bet you can only imagine what the tops of my legs look like. As soon as the bruises start to fade, it’s time to use the blasted machine again. My bruises are starting to have bruises. Luckily, they don’t hurt at all or bother me, they just don’t look pretty. But, since it’s cold, windy, and snowy here I’m not wearing anything that’s showing much skin.

Anyway, I’m over winter I’m ready for spring, and can not wait to move to some place that snow is just a memory.

And, this is completely me today:

Hey, I earned it, it was cold and windy, I got snow blown in my face the entire time, and we have a lot of area to clear here. Did I mention that the stupid snowblower gets stuck sometimes. Yeah, so I’m eating some ice cream tonight, don’t judge. I figure the calories I burned dealing with the blasted snow is equal to the calories I’m consuming in the form of ice cream, so it cancels itself out.