2/3 Done, 10 Days Left, Day 20

Look at that folks, can you believe it? There is only a week and a half left of this Whole 30. It’s been going quick. I’m still shocked that it’s seemed to go as quickly as it has and that I’ve stayed true to it the entire time. I know that I can do this and keep it up since I quit all processed food, sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, soy, and the likes all cold turkey. And, all during the holiday season when there are temptations at every turn.
A huge part of being able to turn down those temptations is that I feel awesome. So, turning down the crap hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be.
I got up early again this morning to eat breakfast because I was heading to Krav this morning. I finished up the last of the Muffins and then headed off to Krav.
Krav class was great this morning. It was a small class there was only 7 of us today. Which I like it that way I get more out of it and learn more. We did pretty much all of the class practicing real life scenarios. Which is really what Krav is all about so it was nice and got some good instruction out of it.
Lunch was my salad but with citrus instead of mixed berries today. It was awesome as usual.
Dinner tonight was almond crusted chicken tenders with Paleo BBQ Sauce and zucchini fritters. I used my air fryer to cook the tenders instead of frying them. The fritters were fried so I felt I had more than enough fat from the oil used to fry them I didn’t need to also fry the tenders. I had a baked apple with it to finish off the meal. And, well it may be a new favorite way to have chicken tenders. Super tasty. I made a huge batch of them to throw in the freezer and take out whenever the mood strikes me to have them. Plus they are a great topper for salads.
Along with all of this I started cleaning up the disaster area that is otherwise known as my house. The past 2 weeks I’ve has lots of stuff going on and well housework kind of falls to the wayside. And, being OCD clutter and disorganization freaks me out and sends me over the edge. So it needs to be taken care of ASAP.
Hope you’re enjoying this last weekend before Christmas.
And here’s a picture of tonight’s dinner: