Seriously, Mother Nature

It’s Tuesday and I had planned on getting a bike ride in. Hahahaha jokes on me. Mother Nature has it out for me. Last week, well it rained every day, but this week apparently Mother Nature is just going to keep me from it. 

I woke up this morning to rain again. Yesterday was beautiful today it’s rainy and dreary. Ughhhhh. Bike ride not happening again. That’s okay. I planned for this, this week. 

I did my treadmill workout, and then hit the Wave for a little workout. Yeah my legs are feeling it that and yesterday’s Metabolic Aftershock workout have definitely made the legs aware of the work I’ve been putting in. 

I’m already looking towards next week and what I’m going to do with my treadmill workout. Do I add more time do I add more speed or do I give myself a week to get used to the time and speed I’m at. I’m not sure, but being that I’m joining a challenge group next week on top of the Metabolic Aftershock workout and treadmill training I’m leaning more towards just staying at time and speed and get used to the added workout of Shaun T’s Cize. I’ve got a little while to think about it and come up with a plan so I’m not too worried about it. 

I will say the whole getting up and going thing kills me but once I start the working out its easy. Okay the working out isn’t easy, but once I start going it’s easy to keep going until the end. So, here it is folks it’s just the getting there to the workout, but once you start you’ll get through it. 

I’ve noticed a difference in just the week and a half I’ve been seriously recommitted to working out. I’ve got more energy and I’m not as quickly winded after doing activity. Don’t get me wrong I still get winded but not nearly as quickly. My joints are even starting to feel better not as stiff, swollen, and sore. Get up and move it really does work. 

Happy Tuesday