Week 17 Recap

Well this past week has seen me working out like a maniac. Which is good since at the end of this week I head home to NY for 10 days and I won’t be getting anywhere near as much exercise in as I am now. So, I’m planning to continue with the trend this week, and keep working out like a maniac. It feels good.

This week has been my best week yet when it comes to being active, and well I share the stats so you can see for yourself.

  • 115,880 steps – yeah that’s right I broke 100,000 steps this past week.
  • 16,830 daily step average
  • 30,612 steps in 1 day – yeah that was a lot, but I owe it to Walkadoo and the unlimited card it definitely pushed me.
  • 22,387 calories burned
  • 3,227 daily calories burned average
  • 4,139 calories burned in a single day
  • 52.03 miles
  • 7.58 daily mile average
  • 13.84 miles in 1 day
  • 13 hours and 10 minutes of being very active
  • 115 minutes daily very active minutes average
  • 211 minutes very active in 1 day
  • 10,620 calorie deficit

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty impressed with those stats, and I’m quite happy with myself. Now here’s to tackling week 18.