Ortho Visit

I met with my orthopedic for my ankle this morning. I saw him for all of 3 minutes I think. 

He had reviewed my x-rays and said yup definitely broken. Although, I was informed that the type of break I have is the kind you want if you’re going to have a break. 

I have a non-displaced fracture of the posterior maleolous on the lateral side. So no cast just the boot and I go back in 4 weeks for some new x-rays and see how it’s coming along. 

So yeah, I’ll be sporting some pretty fancy footwork on my right foot for a while. 

As for the left ankle he said we will look at that one after we get the broken one fixed. Okay, sounds good to me. 

And, now to figure out how to get some exercise in without killing my poor ankles anymore than they already are. The worse part is I was planning on going back to yoga in a few weeks after kickball ended. 

Oh and this whole breaking my ankle thing in the middle of kickball season SUCKS the BIG ONE!!!

You’re  Broke

Went to the orthopedic walk-in clinch to get the ankles looked at. 

And, the answer is right ankle is broken and I get to sport this fashion statement.  

And, the left is just sprained but is in need of surgery to tighten it up sooner rather than later. 

I mean when the doctor does a test on your ankle and says Oh My you know things aren’t going to go your way. 

So I guess I’ll get through the broken ankle and then move onto surgery for the other. It’s going to be a long couple of months. 

This Puts A Damper On Things

Last night I rolled both ankles. The left it happens all the time so it’s no big deal. There is a residual bit of pain if I move it to fast or stand on for too long, but the norm for when this happens which is quite often. 

The right ankle on the other hand. Oh boy I’ve seriously messed that one up. I did her some pops and cracks when the ankles went but again that’s common with the left so I’m not sure which one was making the noise last night. 

I will say that it is a severe sprain if not broken as it hurts throughout the entire ankle joint. The other issue I’m having is I have pain in my ankle when I bend and straighten my knee and hip as well. So, hmmmm yeah that’s not so great. And, apparently everyone is breaking bones right now because my ortho can’t get me in until Friday morning. 

I have a feeling that tomorrow afternoon I’ll be heading over to their walk-in clinic to get it looked at before seeing my ankle doc. Yeah that’s right I have a doctor for my ankle and another for my knee that’s when you know you’re injured a lot. 

At the clinic they will get the x-rays done and hopefully from that on Friday the doctor can come up with a plan. 

I’m pretty sure I’m done with kickball and starting back up at yoga and zumba will have to wait. 

Grrrrrrr loose joints and ligaments. 

Well Damn

It’s Kickball Monday!!!!

Of course as I was leaving the house my left ankle which is a mess and rolls all of the time decided to roll as I was stepping down which then caused my right ankle to roll and well I’ll be calling the orthopedic tomorrow to get in and get this thing looked at. 

So, this of course meant I was sitting the bench. I cheered for my team and kept score. It was a good game and we pulled out the win. 

Next week will be our last week of kickball. And well that just sucks. This kickball stuff is so much fun. I’m going to miss this rag tag group until next season. 

Crunch & Crack

My hips and pelvis are all sorts of out of whack due to the knee injury and subsequent physical therapy I’m doing. 

I’ve been having a lot of low back pain with standing and walking the last couple of days so it was off to the chiropractor this morning. I was cracked and adjusted and then given a whole slew of stretches and exercises to start doing. 

Great just what I need. 

Oh and wait I’ve got patella tendinitis starting to flare up in my knee too. When will this nonsense stop. I need a break. 

Knee Update

Saw the orthopedic today. After meeting with him we decided on extending my physical therapy for another 6 weeks. Along with this I walked out with a script for a new custom knee brace. Hopefully this will stop the subluxing and get the patella tracking correctly. 

Ahhhh, why are you taking so long to heal knee. I don’t remember it taking so long to heal last time. Oh that’s right I was younger and in better shape then. 

Damn this getting older and being out of shape.