30 Gone

As of today I have lost 30 pounds since July 5th. I shouldn’t say lost because I sure the heck don’t want to find them again. But, either way they are gone and will stay gone. 

I was pretty happy to see a 3 pound loss this week as the last couple of weeks I was only losing 10ths of a pound. Don’t get me wrong a loss is a loss and I will gladly take it, but I like when it’s at least a whole pound. 

Another thing about losing 3 pounds this week is I was gone all Labor Day weekend and eating out. I am so proud of myself and the choices I made while eating out. I forgo things I would choose and not care about the calorie and nutrition content. Now I weigh my options and pick the best.  I think this eating whole and healthy is starting to stick with me. 

So, it goes to show that you can eat out and enjoy life and still lose weight as long as you think about what you’re eating and watch your portion sizes. I have definitely become way more aware of what I am eating and how it affects my body. 

Happy Tuesday!!!


Today is Day 20!!!! What!!!! I can’t believe that I’m 2/3 of the way through this round of Whole 30. It has been going so fast, and it’s definitely from all of the support and encouragement from the Facebook group I’m part of. 

So I’m more than half way done, I’m in the home stretch now, 10 days left, a week and a half. 

I’m a little nervous about the ending. I’ve been thinking about reintroduction and what foods I want to reintroduce and those I don’t. I know that gluten won’t be introduced at all so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. I definitely want to try cheese because well I love cheese and it is nice to have every once in a while. I plan on trying cheese and then going back back to Whole 30 for 2 days to see how my body reacts to it and then I’ll try dairy in other forms than cheese. Also I want to reintroduce rice and then later beans mainly chick peas since I love hummus. As for other beans I could care less. And, lastly I’ll be reintroducing corn, I don’t think I have an issue with corn but it’ll be good to really test it out and see for sure. With all of the items I want to reintroduce it will take about 2 weeks to do it right which works out perfect because by the time I’m done with the Whole 30 and my entire reintroduction phase the husband will be coming home and it’ll also be my birthday, so it works out perfectly. 

I know that this is the way for me to eat from now on and I need to stick with it and not fall off the wagon like I did last time. 

I feel better, my clothes are fitting better, and my skin is clearing up. It’ll be interesting to see what if any foods that I reintroduce have an effect on me. And, I am also interested to see how much if any weight I’ve lost. 

Clean whole food is the way to go and it’s not that hard to stick to it. Of course when the husband comes home I will have to plan meals a bit more in advance, but that’s okay it’ll all work out. 

Oh and today I watched Cize Crazy 8’s. I always watch the video before I do it so that I have somewhat of an idea what I’m in for. I am so excited for this. It is going to be so much fun. And, I’ll definitely be breaking a sweat by the time the workout is over.  I’m stoked. Thank you Shaun T for another amazing program!!!

It’s All Downhill From Here -Day 16

I’ve been keeping a countdown tab on my fridge for the Whole 30, and every day I rip off a page. Today, is the first day in which the number on the countdown is lower than the days I’ve been Whole 30.

14 days left and 16 days down. After today there are only 2 weeks left of this journey. I can’t believe how fast this is truly going. And, yes I’ve been missing some foods but I’m not going out of my mind missing them and I’m feeling pretty good physically, mentally, and emotionally.
I will definitely be continuing with this whole, natural, clean eating thing. Yes, I’m sure I’ll be adding in some grains from time to time and definitely some dairy in the form of cheese at least but nowhere near at the level I was consuming this stuff before. As for the processed foods I’ll be trying to stay away from them as much as possible. It really is providing nothing of nutritional substance for me. Yes, I need to do planning and thinking ahead, but that’s really no different than planning any other meals.
Breakfast was my muffins, which I will probably make again but with different mix-ins. That’s one nice thing about the recipe it’s easily changeable.
Lunch, is a salad with grilled chicken and mixed berries with balsamic. I really enjoy this meal, it’s quick to make and fills me up.
Dinner, is chicken with pears, cranberries, and acorn squash. I threw all of the ingredients in the crock pot and let it cook throughout the day. The house smelled wonderful. And, it tasted very good, although next time I think I’d add more spices to it to give it a bit more flavor.

Yoga class was a workout and now it’s off to Krav.

A Baker’s Dozen & A Whole Lot Of Adjustments To The Plan

Day 13 and I’m spending the day at Busch Gardens Christmas Town!
My meals are a little crazy today since I’m at a theme park, but I’ve kept it Whole 30. Which, score for me. Because, I really want a cup of hot cocoa. It smells wonderful, but not enough to make me lose the progress I’ve made.
Breakfast was breakfast casserole with some extra sausage since I knew I’d be hurting for protein later on in the day.

For lunch since we were on the road I had grilled chicken. I also packed an orange to accompany lunch. Along with this I packed Monkey Salad. Cashews, coconut, and almonds, since a cut up banana isn’t easy to eat on the move.
For dinner I had a nice big salad of mixed greens. I also had some steamed veggies.
So my meals are a bit different, but they worked and I planned ahead and came up with a plan and have stuck to it.
We are walking around the theme park burning some calories and enjoying the lights.
Happy Saturday.


Fifth Of The Way Through & It’s Day 6

I started this morning off with an earlier than normal breakfast. Although, this week early breakfast as been the trend.
I headed off to Zumba class which was intense. The regular instructor had surgery so she’s been out and other instructors have been filling in for her. The girl today made us work! Holy Moly. There was the usual dancing that everyone has come to love but she put a lot of calisthenics in her routines as well. Lunges, squats, standing crunches, and all sorts of arm work. When I say I was sweating I mean it was grossly dripping off of me. I was disgusting and smelling quite nasty afterwards. I had all intentions of running to the exchange after class to pick up dog food, but that was quickly nixed. I just wanted to get home and shower.
And, well that’s what I did. I made myself some lunch. A salad with grilled chicken with creamy avocado dressing, which by the way I’m quickly becoming fond of. I guess it’s true you have to try something a few times before making a decision as to if you like them or not. I also had blueberries with my lunch.
I told you yesterday that there was a new meal to be had today, but life changes and things come up. And, well an opportunity to go out with friends for dinner came up so I took it. We met up at the Texas de Brazil for dinner and to hang out. But, as soon as I got the invite I started making plans as to how I’d handle dinner here. Lots of vegetables from the vegetable bar to start that’s for sure.
I stuck to salad bar only. I loaded my plate with lettuce, asparagus, peppers, and some balsamic vinegar with a little olive oil. And, well it was good and filling definitely missed my protein, but I was still full after eating my huge salad. I did eat an apple when I got home.
I’m glad I chose to go out and that I was able to start thinking ahead about what I would or wouldn’t eat at the restaurant. It wasn’t difficult or hard. Yes there were definitely things that I wanted to eat like the fresh mozzarella and the grilled Parmesan. But, I told myself this is day 6 you’re a fifth of the way done. And, to eat that stuff today would mean starting over. So 24 days from now I can try that cheese if I’m wanting it that bad. I can do anything for a month.
Although, when the dessert tray came out I was maybe drooling a little. But, there was no real reason too since everything on the tray contained gluten so it wasn’t like I was going to be able to eat it anyway. Sometimes it’s nice not being able to have gluten, as it lessens the temptation to stray away from the plan.
Here’s a photo of my breakfast and lunch since dinner was eaten out at a restaurant no pictures were taken.

Happy Saturday!

Better Day

Today, I’m making up for the crappy two previous days. I worked out this morning, and hit them hard. I did my strength training circuit workout today, and I was in BEAST mode.  Okay, well maybe not full on BEAST mode but definitely a harder hitting mode than I have been in. I did squats, lunges, core work, and arms, intermixed with bursts of cardio. Guess what after the 30 minute session I felt great 🙂

I followed that up with 30 minutes of non-stop aerobics which was a lot of fun and helped get the heart pumping a bit more. I think I like my cardio workouts the best, I always seem to have so much fun with them, and of course I change them up a lot too. No getting bored with them that’s for sure.

Finally I ended my amazing workout session with a 12 minute yoga routine.

So today, I just want you to know I was kicking butt and taking names, and I’m continuing to do so. Here’s hoping tomorrow is amazing as today was. And also running at that faster speed for 10 straight minutes. I’m definitely going to push for it.

Hope your day has been as amazing as mine.