A Little Like Winter

Today it actually snowed!!!! I know you’re probably thinking well it is January 17th. And, yes it is but it’s been crazy warm here, like so warm that we need to mow the lawn, my rose bush has roses on it, the hydrangeas have bloomed in front of the house, I’ve been wearing flip flops and tee shirts. So yeah it snowed today, not that it stuck or anything but still there was snow falling from the sky. The best part they were mutant snow flakes. Like the size of golf balls size flakes.   

 Not that you can really tell but they were HUGE flakes of snow. 

So with that I decided I’d embrace the snow and do a new Jamicure.  

 Let It Snow with Barely Blue. 

Happy Day 2 of the 3 day weekend. 


Let’s Talk Jam

Every once in a while I tell you about products I love that are usually fitness or health related. Well today I’m going to talk about a product I love that has nothing to do with either of those things or about losing weight. And, well it’s my blog so I can. 

I recently fell in love with Jamberry. If you know what they are you probably love them if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll tell you. They are heat activated nail wraps that can last up to 2 weeks on your nails and well they rock. No dry time and no chipping. What!!!! I know right no need to wait for my nails to dry and no annoying chipping after 2 days. And, of course chipping off your nail polish is bad for your nails, but you’ve guessed it I’m a picker. So Jamberry is amazing for me. 

I would paint my nails every couple of days because once there was a chip I’d pick at my nails so I’d have to reprint them. Which is fine, but it’s time consuming and annoying to have to do it so soon after doing them. Now my complaint is why Jamberry do you last so long, I want to change my nails but you still look awesome. 

I love all of the different looks you can create with the wraps. You can do all sorts of wild and crazy looks, simple and classic, and you can pretty much find anything under the sun to match your personality. And, well if they don’t have it then you can create your own wraps using their nail art studio. 

Don’t worry those of you who love painting your nails they offer nail lacquer which I have fallen in love with as well. In my opinion it’s a million times better than regular polish. You really only need one coat but can do two, it goes on super smooth and even, and the dry time is quick. 

If you love your gel/shellac polishes well they’ve just released a new line of gel polishes as well. The best part it can be used with their lacquers and wraps as well making them last even longer. What!!!! I haven’t tried the gel yet but everyone I know who has is raving about it. I can’t wait to try it. It’s on my wish list for my next order. 

So yeah they have tons of products that are awesome and I love them. 

They also have a monthly subscription box that costs $25 and you get at least $30 worth of product. September was amazing as I received $40 worth of products. Yeah oh and the longer you subscribe to the box the lower your cost. I have a year subscription so my cost is lower than $25 a month. 

And, hey even if you get your nails done and have the acrylic or gel nails, Jamberry can be applied over them. How cool is that?

Here’s some of my Jamicures. 

You’ll notice that the more I’ve done the better at them I have gotten. Oh and I do lots of layering. Clear wraps over lacquer is one of my favorite things to do, as you can see by my pictures.    
  This is my current Jamicure which was this month’s style box goods. 2 unique wraps that you can only get through style box and a lacquer. This one is called VIP. I love how the 2 different wraps make the color of the lacquer underneath appear a different color. Oh and did I mention the style box comes in 3 different varieties classic, which is what I have, feminine, and trendy. You take a little quiz and they determine your style but don’t worry if you don’t agree with them as you can change it to what you like, and when the boxes come out they are 3 unique looks. I’m in love with it. 

The new catalog just released this month and there are so many amazing wraps and new lacquers. Plus all of the fall and winter holiday wraps. Tons to choose from.

You can check it out here. Did I mention that they do a Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion on all of their wraps except for premium and nail art studio wraps. I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll love.  And at checkout be sure to join Abby’s party.