Kickball Time

It’s that time of year again. Monday nights are all about the big red ball.  






Well Damn

It’s Kickball Monday!!!!

Of course as I was leaving the house my left ankle which is a mess and rolls all of the time decided to roll as I was stepping down which then caused my right ankle to roll and well I’ll be calling the orthopedic tomorrow to get in and get this thing looked at. 

So, this of course meant I was sitting the bench. I cheered for my team and kept score. It was a good game and we pulled out the win. 

Next week will be our last week of kickball. And well that just sucks. This kickball stuff is so much fun. I’m going to miss this rag tag group until next season. 


At last night’s game we had a player that bitched about not playing as many innings as others. Our team captain told us hours before the games that us girls would be playing 2 & 3 innings. Whatever game we played 2 innings in the next game we would play 3. It was needed because we were playing teams with big foots. 

And, then of course things changed when the team captain and another player had an emergency so things shifted a little. 

However, we had one player complain about how that wasn’t fair and cried, and pouted about.  Are you f*ing serious? I thought we were adults apparently we are not. 

So to appease this player I said whatever I’ll play only 2 innings in both games so you can play 3 innings in both games. 

But, I’m sorry when I come off the field from playing my 2 innings and your pouting because other players played 5 innings I want to smack you. Grow Up!!!

Yes, there was a girl actually 2 girls who played the entire game it’s because they know how to play the position that needs to be filled and if the other players were here they would of been subbing out with them. 

Some people just need to grow up and remember life isn’t fair. 

Double Header

It was another great night of kickball. We played 2 games and won both. Which now puts us in first place!!!!!

After lots of fun and hard work on the field we are now celebrating at the bar!!!

Our commissioner even bought all the teams2 pitchers of beer!!! Thanks Talbert

And Beer Ping is being played as we speak

Another great night of Kickball

Kickin’ Night

Tonight was kickball night. And, well it was a heck of a game. 

We had to contend against the wind, missing some key players, players playing new positions, and some last minute changes to the lineup. 

We played a decent game but fell behind by 4 in the middle of the game. We were able to bring it within 2, but went into our final ups with the bottom of the lineup up to kick. 

However, we were able to make it work and scored both the toeing, it was me, and the leading run, which became the game winning run. 

We adjusted our defense for the bottom of the 5th playing with 2 chargers and playing some serious defense. We were able to get 3 quick outs and put another one in the win column. 

After the game it was off to the local watering hole for some drinks, food, laughs, and cheers. 

All About That Base is ready for next week’s double header. 

Gettin’ Ready To Kick It

Im pretty excited tonight is kickball and a double header at that. It’ll be a lot of fun to play since we didn’t have games last week as it was Labor Day. 

The best part is we are in third place and we are playing the number 1&2 teams. Here’s hoping for a win against at least one of the teams so we can move up I the standings. 

Bring on the kickball!!!!

Let’s go All About That Base!!!!

Kickin’ It Old School

It was a kickball night and it was amazing!!! Every week it’s just been getting better and better. I am having so much fun and definitely look forward to it. 

We played amazing tonight. We kicked a$$. We got lots of quick outs and worked well together. And, our offense was on FIRE tonight. 

Oh and let me brag a little I made it on base with an RBI or maybe it’s called a RKI. Either way I did it!!!! My second time up I got an out but advanced the runner to third so it was still a good thing. 

Seriously, people find a local kickball league and join its a blast.