Crunch & Crack

My hips and pelvis are all sorts of out of whack due to the knee injury and subsequent physical therapy I’m doing. 

I’ve been having a lot of low back pain with standing and walking the last couple of days so it was off to the chiropractor this morning. I was cracked and adjusted and then given a whole slew of stretches and exercises to start doing. 

Great just what I need. 

Oh and wait I’ve got patella tendinitis starting to flare up in my knee too. When will this nonsense stop. I need a break. 

I Wasn’t Sure


This is how I felt when I was in physical therapy today. As, my physical therapist kept changing and adding to my workout today. I of course also asked her if she was high when telling me to do one exercise and how many reps and sets she wanted. 

So remember there are only a few hours left but trust no one.  


Knee Update

Saw the orthopedic today. After meeting with him we decided on extending my physical therapy for another 6 weeks. Along with this I walked out with a script for a new custom knee brace. Hopefully this will stop the subluxing and get the patella tracking correctly. 

Ahhhh, why are you taking so long to heal knee. I don’t remember it taking so long to heal last time. Oh that’s right I was younger and in better shape then. 

Damn this getting older and being out of shape.  

Hip Out

I have a snapping hip, actually I have 2 snapping hips. And, well right now my right hip is out, and not really wanting to go back in. Which, on its own sucks because it’s uncomfortable. However, when you add that to the already screwed up knee, ankle, and lower leg all on the same side, and well let’s just say I’m ready to cut off my leg.
I’ve taken ibuprofen and am staying off of it as much as possible. I also went to the chiropractor this morning to help get it back in place. Unfortunately, I think that may have made it worse. At best it’s the same as it was before. It’s definitely not back in yet. I’ll be going back to have another adjustment and hopefully after a few adjustments it will go back into place and stay there. At least for a little while.
Next week I’ll be starting physical therapy as well which is good because I need to do something and hopefully this will get me back to being able to start classes again sooner rather than later.
Happy Hump Day.

Apparently My Anatomy Is Jacked

Went to the doctor for a follow up with my knee to go over the MRI results.
The good news no ligament or meniscus damage. So that’s good.
The bad news my anatomy is apparently all jacked up. Let’s not forget my already abnormal anatomy with my tibia tuberosity/tubercle being in the wrong place.
Well we can add to these anomalies now. My tibia has condyles that aren’t as big as they should be nor is the notch between them it’s a lot shallower than what it should be. My patella also doesn’t sit in the groove it sits on my lateral condyle instead. So yup anatomy is all sorts of screwed up.
The doctor of course drew pictures for me, and as soon as he said I’ll draw you a picture I knew things were bad. When they literally draw a picture nothing good is going to come out of this.

So this is what a normal knee would look like.
And, now here’s what my knee looks like

And, here they are side by side

Yeah great. We are going to try to avoid surgery though and start with physical therapy and hope that it will work. I really don’t want the surgery they are talking about.
Oh knee why oh why do you have to be so anatomically ridiculous and abnormal.

Knee Injury

Well I saw the orthopedic yesterday and I didn’t really care for what he said. I’m off my knee for 4 weeks at least.
We will be doing an MRI but of course we need to wait for the swelling to go down before that can happen. Once we get the MRI done and see what the damage is a decision will be made. Therapy or surgery.
The surgery I’d have to have will be a long recovery time. As apparently my tibia tuberosity, the insertion point for the patella tendon, is not in the correct spot. It is about a centimeter more lateral than it should be which increases the risk of patella dislocations. Awesome that explains a lot. Oh and I have that problem in both knees. Well that explains why I’ve dislocated both patellas now doesn’t it. In order to fix this problem it requires cutting the tuberosity off and moving it to where it should be. Yeah that sounds like a long time to recover from. Also they would need to do a lateral release and repair my overstretched retinaculum. So yeah that’s a lot of slicing and dicing and moving of things.
So, once I have the MRI and we can see what the damage is we will make a decision on what the best option is.
I guess I can kiss the days of the gym goodbye for at least a month. It’s killing me. I miss it already.
Damn you knee and my silly anatomy.

Injury Update

Well yesterday during class I went to do a lunge and my knee went out on me. This is not the first time this has happened. Almost 18 years to the day was the first time I did this. And, yes to the same knee. Same type of thing happened I went one way and the knee decided to go another way.
Luckily, the husband had come to the gym with me and was there because it’s my right knee and the drive home would of been really interesting if he had not been there. We came home so we could take care of the dogs and shower since we were both pretty sweaty from working out. After a quick shower, letting the dogs out, and feeding them we headed off to the ER.
I was pretty sure I knew what was going to happen. X-rays, knee immobilized, crutches, and follow up with an orthopedic. And, well yup that’s exactly what transpired. Overall the experience at the ER wasn’t too bad we were in and out within two and a half hours. Which, that’s not too bad considering I’ve been to much smaller hospitals and waited way longer than that.
Today, I called the orthopedics group they recommended and have an appointment set up for tomorrow afternoon. I’m sure they will want to do an MRI sometime soon to check out all of the soft tissue and after that they will assess what to do.
So tomorrow afternoon I’ll have a bit better of an idea of what’s going on and after the MRI I’m sure they will order I’ll have an even better idea.



There is a knee joint in their somewhere.