Seriously It’s The Little Things That Get Me Jazzed

So, I got lots of little things to share with you.
First up, while in DC we had gone out to Leesburg one day since it was raining and cold and not really a great day to be walking around in DC, and we hit up the outlets. One of my favorites is the Kitchen Store. I love me some kitchen stuff. I was really good, and I only picked up some more silicone spatulas. In my opinion you can never have enough of these babies. I use them all of the time. Every time I’m making something in the kitchen I’m using at least one if not more. Along with the spatulas I picked up some more measuring cups and spoons. This set is amazing. And, well I use lots of measuring spoons and cups as well. Every meal uses at least a couple. And, I do have a couple of sets of cups and spoons so that there is always at least one size I need clean. However, at the kitchen store I landed on the mother load of measuring cups and spoons. First up the spoons. Everyone has the 1/4 to 1 teaspoon and a tablespoon. Well this set has 1/32 teaspoon all the way up to a tablespoon. What!!!! Yeah you heard me. How awesome is that. Then the cups we go from 1/8 all the way up to 2 cups. I love this set and I’m sure it will get used all of the time.

Second up is some fun new workout tees. We had gone to the New Balance store and were able to find the husband some new sneakers that fit correctly and also aren’t insanely priced. Well while there I found these 2 shirts that I had to get. I love wearing shirts that say something inspiring or funny to workout in and well these both fit the bill.


And, finally yesterday my hand targets and gloves for Krav class were delivered. I tried them both on last night and they fit great and are comfortable so they are keepers and won’t be returned. Whoooo! Bring on the butt kicking.


A Little Meme Action

This was me yesterday in yoga class and probably will be me again today.

This is so true. I have the bruises to show for it. But, I love this class and look forward to it.

Yeah that’s my look as we are learning another new routine today.

And, seriously I do have a spot in zumba, but especially in yoga class and it puts me in a state when people are in it.

And, finally words to live by:



Last night we went out to dinner at Red Robbin I had a turkey burger wrapped in lettuce. Unfortunately, I ate French fries with it. And, then they brought out more. I ate some of them too. And, finished the night off at Skinny Dip. Yeah, not my best food choices. But, hey you live and learn.
Today I went to See Phantom of the Opera and followed it up with dinner at CPK. Where I had gluten-free pizza. Yeah, I ate that whole thing. Although, I was really good all day. I had only had about 600 calories all day, and had done a Krav Class this morning which was non stop moving and throwing punches, kicks, elbows, and everything else.
I need to work on my choices when it comes to eating out. It’ll take some time but I’ll get it.
Happy Saturday

2/3 Done, 10 Days Left, Day 20

Look at that folks, can you believe it? There is only a week and a half left of this Whole 30. It’s been going quick. I’m still shocked that it’s seemed to go as quickly as it has and that I’ve stayed true to it the entire time. I know that I can do this and keep it up since I quit all processed food, sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, soy, and the likes all cold turkey. And, all during the holiday season when there are temptations at every turn.
A huge part of being able to turn down those temptations is that I feel awesome. So, turning down the crap hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be.
I got up early again this morning to eat breakfast because I was heading to Krav this morning. I finished up the last of the Muffins and then headed off to Krav.
Krav class was great this morning. It was a small class there was only 7 of us today. Which I like it that way I get more out of it and learn more. We did pretty much all of the class practicing real life scenarios. Which is really what Krav is all about so it was nice and got some good instruction out of it.
Lunch was my salad but with citrus instead of mixed berries today. It was awesome as usual.
Dinner tonight was almond crusted chicken tenders with Paleo BBQ Sauce and zucchini fritters. I used my air fryer to cook the tenders instead of frying them. The fritters were fried so I felt I had more than enough fat from the oil used to fry them I didn’t need to also fry the tenders. I had a baked apple with it to finish off the meal. And, well it may be a new favorite way to have chicken tenders. Super tasty. I made a huge batch of them to throw in the freezer and take out whenever the mood strikes me to have them. Plus they are a great topper for salads.
Along with all of this I started cleaning up the disaster area that is otherwise known as my house. The past 2 weeks I’ve has lots of stuff going on and well housework kind of falls to the wayside. And, being OCD clutter and disorganization freaks me out and sends me over the edge. So it needs to be taken care of ASAP.
Hope you’re enjoying this last weekend before Christmas.
And here’s a picture of tonight’s dinner:


Starting The 2nd Trimester -No I’m Not Pregnant

Today, is day 11 which means I’m more than a third of the way through the Whole 30. And, so I’m now working on getting to 2/3 of the way through the Whole 30. Hence, the title of this blog we have moved onto the second third.
I’m happy to report that the craving for sweets that I had yesterday is not an issue today. And, can I just say Thank Goodness! I’m not sure I could handle 2 days in a row of that. I however, consulted my friend Pinterest to find some recipes that are Whole 30 compliant and help fill this sweet thing. And, I found quite a few that I will be making once the Whole 30 is over and I’m also buying the ingredients for at least one of the recipes to have on hand so that if I get that intense craving again I can whip up one of the “treats.”
I must say I have no idea what I did before Pinterest, the creator of it is simply a genius, an evil genius at that, but pure genius. I can log on and find hundreds of recipes in seconds it’s just a matter of narrowing it down to what I want to make. I probably thousands of recipes pinned and we’ll have made barely a tenth of them but I have ideas. Of course until very recently most of those recipes were not the healthiest options. Now, I’m looking for the Paleo, whole 30, clean eating recipes like it’s my job. So Pinterest for the win!
The meals today were pretty much a repeat of Tuesday’s. Breakfast was leftover casserole which tastes just as awesome reheated as it did the day it was made. Lunch, I used up the last of the Mexican chicken I had made a couple of nights ago. I threw it on top of lettuce with some avocado dressing. The addition of the dressing gave it a bit more pizazz. The avocado with the spice of the chicken was a great combination. I finished off lunch with blueberries. And, well these blueberries were perfect not a sour one in the bunch, they were sweet and crisp. Yum!
For dinner I had a bowl of chili, which was excellent of course I was dreaming about a nice piece of cornbread with it but it wasn’t something that I really needed. Just something that I wanted. I had an apple as well to finish out dinner.
Yoga was a good workout my quads were burning, and at times my legs were shaking. Although, I did do lunges today without the use of blocks so that’s an improvement. Making strides every day.
I’m hoping Krav doesn’t kick my ass too much. It’ll be fun either way.
And here’s my food pic:


Walking The Line Through Day 9

It’s cold, damp, and dreary here in Virginia. Which, makes the meals I made today even better. They are nice warm and your typical comfort foods.
Breakfast was a breakfast casserole. Sweet potato hash browns with egg some coconut milk and chicken apple sausage. It was really good. Lots of protein and some carbs to fill me up. I wasn’t even hungry when it came time for lunch but I knew I needed to eat lunch otherwise I’d never make it through my workouts.
Lunch consisted of a taco salad of sorts. I added leftover Mexican chicken from the other night. It was really good, but I’m thinking I’ll add some avocado dressing to it next time to add some more flavor, not that the chicken doesn’t have a ton of flavor. I also had some raspberries with lunch.
Dinner was a big bowl of Whole 30 compliant chili. Which means no beans, which I did miss a bit, but there were big chunks of veggies to take the place of the beans. It was really good bi paired this with some melon.
Here’s today’s meals:

Yoga class was a good one today. I broke out in a sweat and really did a lot of leg work today. Although, my shoulders are bothering me can’t wait to get adjusted at the chiropractor on Friday. It needs to happen like now.
Off to get my ass kicked in Krav Maga.
Happy Tuesday everyone.

Day 2

I survived day 1 and have been sailing through day 2.
Breakfast was not eaten within 30 minutes of waking but within the hour. Which for me that is awesome. Plus breakfast this morning had a lot of prep time.
Lunch was the leftover fish from last night with a sweet potato and blackberries.
Dinner was citrus chicken which was amazing.
I also spent some time today making some staples that I’ll be using throughout the 30 days. I made an olive oil mayo, I’ll let you know how it tastes once I’ve used it. I also made Ghee or clarified butter. It took quite a bit of time but I’m happy I can put some butter on my sweet potato.
Here’s a look at my plates today. I also had some mixed nuts after my Krav Maga class tonight.

I attended my yoga class, which today’s class was a power yoga, and well I was sweating and definitely tired afterwards. We did a lot of warrior and lunge poses which at times irritated the ankle. Once I was able to get into the posture it wasn’t bad it was just the flowing into the posture that caused issues at times.
And, tonight I returned to Krav Maga after a few weeks off to give the ankle and foot some rest. I’m almost wishing I hadn’t. First the class was packed, and two a tyrant was running the class. We did very little sparring it was all military style exercising that was done. I wanted to die. The first 10 minutes of class were jumping jacks followed by a different exercise, then back to jacks. Yeah, the ankle was feeling wonderful. This was followed up by stations where we did more exercises. Push ups I remember lots of push ups. Ughhhhh! Squats with medicine balls, kicks to the pole, more push ups, sit ups, working on knees and elbows to a person on the ground, being tied to a bungee cord and trying to strike a person in front of you, and oh yes let’s not forget about more push ups.
The end of the class we did work on learning to fall and also how to get a person off of you if they have you pinned to the ground. That’s the type of stuff I like and want to learn. And, yes being physically fit helps to be able to do these moves but I definitely didn’t want to be doing all of that today. I left the class dripping in sweat and stinking up the place. I definitely felt absolutely disgusting after the class. So yeah good workout.
Day 2 is done and I’ve survived. Bring on day 3.
I’ve also made myself a little countdown chart so to speak so I can keep track of where I am and well as you’ll see it’s just Post Its counting down from 30.

This was from yesterday.
And, this morning’s looked like this.

So yeah you get the idea.

Another Day of Krav Maga

I attended my second class of Krav Maga and it rocked. I am exhausted. It was an excellent workout and learned some new methods and techniques. Along with this we continued to master plan hinge that we had worked on at the first class.
We did a drill at the end that I did not like at all. We were split up into 2 groups and one person was getting attacked by everyone else. It was the longest 30 seconds of my life. And, I was quite tired after my turn was up. Luckily class was over after that.
It’s a little funny though. I do yoga Monday thru Thursday every week and now that I’ve added Krav Maga on Tuesdays and Thursdays I go from zen to kill. I like it though nothing like 2 completely different forms of exercise to get you a full body workout.
Can’t wait for my next class.
I will get my ass in shape, have fun while doing it, and even learn to kick some ass.

I Did This Today


Okay, so I didn’t really do all of that today, but I did take my first Krav Maga class today.  And, well it was awesome.  I definitely will want to take some more classes.  I’m not sure that I will be going to the place I went today.  The instructors were great, but the policies there were a bit ridiculous.  The money that they were asking for and the commitment was a bit more than I had bargained for.

I enjoyed the class had a lot of fun and learned a lot.  However, I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to 6 months of classes.  The schedule of the classes work with my schedule so that is a plus and it is also very close to the house.  It’s only a few miles down the street.  So those are 2 definite pluses.  Add in that I really liked the instructors and you’ve got another plus.  Really the only downsides are the costs and the 6 month contract.  I’ve got a few days to decide so I’m going to be thinking about it.

The instructors were awesome, one of them is this little tiny girl.  I mean I easily have a foot and probably 9000 pounds on her, okay obviously not 9000 pounds but I have a lot of weight on her.  And, let me tell you the techniques they teach you work because without even trying that girl was taking me down.  I was really impressed with the whole experience and I know that even after today’s class I would know what to do in certain situations.  If the outcome would work out in my favor I don’t know, but I at least could put up somewhat of a fight.

Not to mention all of the things I learned today I got a heck of a workout I was sweating, breathing hard, and exhausted afterwards.  All good signs of a good workout.

Zoo Day!

Spent the day at the zoo and got in lots of steps. Good thing too since I morrow will be 12 hours spent in the car. But, hey it’s the last leg of the trip and tomorrow night I will be home sleeping in my own bed. And, then it’s back to yoga, T25, running, and looking at starting Krav Maga. Time to get my butt moving and in shape.

And, these guys were getting a bit frisky at the zoo today. I’m thinking there may be a baby in a few months.