Ughhhh Wyoming You Suck!

So Mother Nature has been a real witch! It’s been snowing, raining, windy, and cold here for the past several days. And, well weather like that does nothing for my motivation to be active especially after being so nice the previous week.
I have found myself trying to get my steps in later and later. Can you say laps around Walmart at 10pm have become my way to get my daily steps in.
I’m hoping Mother Nature gets her sh*t together soon because I’m miserable.

Challenging Week

This week has been a bit of a challenge. I’ve been felling sick and so my motivation to do anything is pretty much nonexistent. I’ve been sleeping in a lot later than normal and then haven’t been real into getting up and working out. I have been doing my workouts, I just feel I’m getting done later and later in the day. Which, is the case since I’m not getting up and moving like I normally do.

I do feel better after working out at least for a while, I of course a few hours later am exhausted, but that’s to be expected when one is fighting off a cold. I have been continuing with the working out because it’s good for me, and is probably even helping a little with the fighting off of this cold, I don’t want to feel guilty for not working out, and I really don’t want to get into the habit of having an excuse for not working out.

I’ve been going for nearly 8 weeks, and their have been times when getting my work outs and steps in is presented with a challenge, but I’ve found a way to do it every time. And, so just because I have a bit of a cold doesn’t mean I can’t work out. This has been the new way of my life working out every day for the last 8 weeks, and yes it seems like more habit than needing to think about doing a work out, but I’m not sure how it’d go if I miss a few days. I don’t want to fall out of this habit, it’s a good one to have.

So, even though my motivation is low and my daily steps are just reaching my goal, at least I’ve continued to keep on moving. Any little bit of exercising I do is a plus and I’m reaching my daily goal, there is no need to be an overachiever every day, especially when your body needs some rest.