Really Wyoming?

Yesterday morning I woke up to lovely warm temperatures and a sunny sky.  Of course that was in Las Vegas.  In Wyoming this morning I woke up to this:



Okay, I get it I live in Wyoming and it snows here. But, it has been snowing for 8 months, 8 months, that’s 3/4 of a year.  I think we’ve had enough. Let’s have some spring weather and enjoy life. Snow is no longer needed here. I want to go for walks outside and get some vitamin D without having to ingest it in pill form. Please sun, warm weather, and Spring come to stay in Wyoming.

I’m Doing It

This morning I got up and made the husband come along with me to the hotel’s gym.
I did my run training Monday and yesterday so I decided I do it again today and then I’m done for the week, and won’t have to worry about fitting it in. My husband was less than thrilled about this but I said we are going. My brother and sister-in-law should be arriving any minute and so by getting it done and over with this morning we can enjoy the rest of the week and weekend without having to try and fit it in. So despite his grumbling we went and I got my run out of the way and now can enjoy the rest of the week.
Oh, and yesterday was a really good day even with being on an airplane I got in over 28,000 steps. Thank you Las Vegas Strip.

Yeah 18,000 of that is walking the strip last night. I love Vegas it’s the only place where when you enter a different building your brought to a different city and or country.
Hope your Wednesday has been enjoyable.