I’m Loving These Apps

In the last week I’ve discovered some new fitness apps. Okay, a couple of apps I’ve had for a while but have just started really using.
First is TwoGrand, which I did write about last week when I started using it. It’s pretty awesome. You take pictures of everything you eat, and well I can tell you I’m making better food choices with the knowledge that tons of people are seeing what’s on my plate. You can follow people on the app, it’s basically Instagram for your food. You can comment, like, post links on the photos. It’s great. You can also post pictures of your workouts and progress that you are making along your journey. I really like this app as I’ve already gotten some new recipes, new ideas for food, and learned about vitamins and supplements. It’s a lot of fun. If you’re on TwoGrand feel free to add me AbbyR.
MyFitnessPal is another app that I was dabbling with for a while. I’d use it then stop. I’ve been using it every day since December 1, 2014. I find that tracking my food leads to better choices and less overeating. I have also made it more fun by actually using the app as it was meant to be used by adding friends. Up until last week to had no friends on MFP, but let me tell you since adding friends I’ve been loving it. The encouragement and comments I have been getting are really encouraging me to keep going with my choices and staying on the path to a healthier, fitter me. Feel free to add me there if you’re using MFP ARosa1980.
And, the last app I’m going to talk today about is Fotocracy. This is another app that I’ve had for a little while but haven’t been using up to its full potential until now. It’s an app where you record your workouts and accumulate points which allow you to level up, but really mean nothing but hey it’s still fun to get points and move up in levels. However, the real point of the app is the groups and training. They have all sorts of different training programs that you can pick from, that do cost money, and I haven’t tried any of them yet but I’m thinking about joining one in a month or two. I’m deciding on what type of training I want to start with. The other part of the app I love is the groups. There are groups for all sorts of topics. Eating healthy, lifting, weight loss, and a ton of other topics. It’s in these groups you can communicate with the rest of the community getting information, asking questions, posting achievements, setbacks, sharing recipes, workouts, or whatever it may be that you want to let others know. I love seeing what others are doing as it encourages me to keep moving on and also I love the feedback I get from others on items I post. It’s a great positive community and gives an extra level of encouragement and well who can’t use that. You can find me on Fitocracy Abby80.
Lastly, I’m going to talk about a website. It’s called Leap4Life. You link your fitness tracker to the website, and join events and challenges. By joining these events and challenges you earn status points and/or fitwell points. I’m not really what the status points do for you, other than to say I have this many status points Whooo!!! However, the fitwell points are what you want. These points you keep banking and then can cash them in for gift cards. What!!! Free gift cards for doing what I’m already doing SCORE!!! The challenges are based on your ability and fitness zone. So if you’re just starting out your requirement will be lower than that of a seasoned veteran so it’s attainable for everyone. Check it out might as well get some free money for something you are already doing.