Holy Headache

This morning I woke up with a pounding headache. I’m fairly certain it was due to a bit of dehydration and possibly a little bit of detoxing going on. As I’ve been eating crap food for quite a while and yesterday it was all whole clean foods. 

I’ve been drinking tons of, okay well tons for me since I know I don’t drink nearly enough throughout the day. However, so far today I’ve drank 72 ounces. So that’s pretty impressive. 

I started the morning out with a big 32oz glass of nice ice cold water, along with my breakfast. And, I’m happy to say that the headache faded quite a bit after eating and drinking my water. 

Along with my plain normal water I’ve been enjoying a cucumber, lemon, mint, and ginger infused water. All I have to say is I love my Infuse Pitcher. I cut up everything, put it in the infuser place in the pitcher fill with water and then a little while later have awesome flavored water. 

This is the second day of my whole 30 and the second day I didn’t have lunch. This again wasn’t planned but I got called to work at the last minute so there was no time to make a lunch to take with me. I know I’m supposed to eat 3 meals and I plan on it tomorrow, but I wasn’t even hungry at lunch time. I will say though when it was time for dinner tonight I was ready for it. And, I can say that this morning I was ready for breakfast, but I was by no means starving or ready to eat my own arm off. 

I definitely notice, and notice quickly that when I’m eating whole, real food I’m no where near as hungry as I am when I eat crap. 

I’m working out my meal plan for tomorrow in my head now. Looking forward to eating some really tasty food. 

If you have the app TwoGrand you can follow me @AbbyR and see all of my meals I’ve been making and eating. 

Happy Tuesday