Month 2 Recap

Today, is the start of Week 9 in this new life long journey, and well I can’t believe that I’ve already made it through 2 months.  It doesn’t seem like that long, but I think about all that I’ve accomplished already and changes that I have made that are now habit not something I have to think about I am truly amazed.

This month came with some challenges, that I was able to address and make a plan for.  I think that is truly the way to approach this.  Yes, there are going to be challenges, challenges occur with living, but as long as we look at the challenge, assess the challenge, and make a plan, you can get through it.  This month had Thanksgiving, travel with 10 hours in a car over 2 days, and being sick.  These are challenges, but by seeing them and planning out how I was going to deal with each one I was not only able to overcome them, but surprise myself as well. This year Thanksgiving week didn’t see me gorging myself on food that’s better eaten in moderation, I instead planned out ahead of time what I would eat and stuck to portion sizes instead of heaping mounds of the delicious holiday food. When I found out that I would be traveling I made sure to get up early and bust out more time on the treadmill, and packed snacks, water, and lunch for the drive.  It would be and was a more nutritious option then anything I would find at a highway stop.  With the cold that I’ve come down with I’ve been sure to get my daily workouts in and meet my daily goals, and not caring if I got more than the daily minimum in.  Also if I’ve wanted a nap I’ve taken one, but also being conscious of getting up and moving a bit as well.

This month was amazing for me I lost weight every week, even the dreaded period week, not much that week, but it was still a loss rather than my normal gain, and I ran for 10 minutes straight.  I never thought that, that would be something that I could do.  I also added more time to my Zumba days, and started doing a barre workout, that continues to kick my butt every time I do it.

  • Lost 8.4 pounds over the month. Add that to the 8.2 pounds lost in the first month, and I am down a total of 16.6 pounds
  • I lost a total of 7.5 inches this month.  Add that to last months 5.4 inches, and I’ve lost a total of 12.9 inches.  Almost 13 inches in 2 months.  I’ll take it!
  • I’ve increased my daily steps, miles walked, and active time

I’m excited by how far I’ve come in such a short time, and I can not wait to see what my results will be after month 3.  I’m making a change in my lifestyle, and so far I love it.