Since I started the Whole 30 on December 1st I’ve been trying out new recipes almost daily. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. And, now that I’m on the path to this new lifestyle I’ve been experimenting even more.
With this my obsession and time spent on Pinterest is escalating, I’m constantly looking for Paleo/Whole 30 recipes. And, as I’m filling up a secret board with all of these recipes they are slowly being tried out and moved over to my Paleo board which you can follow by just clicking right here. Everything on this board is a recipe I’ve tried and liked. If I’ve tried something and didn’t like it it doesn’t make it to the board. I’m only keeping the good stuff.
Along with spending way too much time on Pinterest I purchased several Paleo cookbooks. I love cookbooks. I’ve been looking through the cookbooks and putting post-it flags on all of the recipes I want to try. Needless to say there are a lot of recipes I want to try.
I have been alternating between recipes found on Pinterest and recipes from a cookbook every week. I plan my menu for the week based on recipes from either Pinterest or a cookbook I pulled out.
This week I’m using a cookbook. It’s Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfillippo.

2015/01/img_0599.jpg I’m really enjoying this cookbook. I’ve tried out a few recipes this week already and have loved them. The recipes I’ve made so far have been extremely easy to make and also doesn’t require anything to crazy or expensive when it comes to ingredients. Which, is always a nice thing. Because let’s face it some Paleo ingredients can be quite pricey. Hence, the reason for the name I’m sure Practical Paleo. You can find the book on Amazon and the kindle price is $9.99. I however have the hard copy. When it comes to cookbooks I need the physical thing in my hands. Plus how else would I put all of my post-it flags on the recipes. I mean seriously look at the flags on this book.

It’s a great book. It has meal plans and guides to help you along the way. I like it a lot and am happy with the purchase. I’ll be making some more recipes from this book as the week goes on, but so far the ones I’ve made are definite repeat meals.
Next week I’ll be moving back over to Pinterest so hopefully I can share some more amazing recipes on my board after trying them out.
Another great thing about all of this cooking at home is the husband and I are saving a ton of money by not eating out, we are eating way healthier, and I’m sticking my freezer for those times when I just don’t feel up to making a whole new meal.
Let me know if you try any of the recipes on my Pinterest board and how you liked them and please feel free to share any recipes you may have with me. Like I said I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.